If I heard my mom say them once, I heard it, at least, 100 times……

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or (her favorite)

Pretty is as pretty does

They may have been her motto.  Or, perhaps, a motto she hoped for me.  It was her repeated attempt to shift my focus from the external – and all that I so often found lacking – to the internal.  And, yes…Mom was right.  And, yes, with each passing year, I become more and more my mother.  But it has been a slow learn, to be sure, and even in this phase of life…..this distorted focus can trip me up.  Rob my joy – making me feel “less than,” unqualified and defeated.

Godly character is beautiful.  It outdoes any lipstick, cute hair-cut or the “perfect” figure.  I like all the pretty things and try to look my best. Totally not against cute hair-cuts or make-up.  But character shines past all of it.  It pleases the heart of my savior and it is noticed by others.  “Hmm – something about her.  She is just so pretty.”   All of us have seen it before.  The radiance of godly character.  That is “pretty is as pretty does.” I want to remember Mom’s words.  And her character.  She was beautiful.  (STOP)

Today’s FMF prompt – beautiful.  Character can, and should, be beautiful.  So are manners.  And everyday acts of love.  Unselfishness.  And family.  When I was sick, I was reminded of all of this.  This haven I call home is a beautiful blessing.  When so very much around us is not only ugly but just plain evil, we can miss the beauty that is around us.  There were so many ways to look at this week’s prompt!  I look forward to seeing what the others have to say.  You, too, can check it out here.  Have a beautiful weekend:)

5 Replies to “Mom’s Influence”

  1. I saw your post on Instagram and hopped on over. I love the picture of your mom and makes me think of my own who has been gone for four years. But the lessons and legacy she left will be with me forever. My mom never left the house without her lipstick on but what attracts us to a person is not the lipstick but their character, manner and how they treat others. Thank you for your words today.

  2. Great words, Jennifer! I've always liked that saying, "Beauty is as beauty does." It's so true! What's on our outside doesn't define us as "beautiful." It's the inner beauty of the spirit that reflects beauty…or not.

    I liked what you said here: "character shines past all of it. It pleases the heart of my savior and it is noticed by others." True words here, friend.

  3. That is "pretty is as pretty does." I want to remember Mom's words. And her character. She was beautiful. How precious is your mom! And my mom too because she always said this to me. Pretty is as pretty does. I never was quite sure what she meant by that, but I'm learning! Thank you for your words on beauty!
    Visiting you from the #48 spot on the FMF linkup today.

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