Monday Morning Request

It has been a beautiful morning already this Monday morning…and the forecasters are promising a beautiful day today. I don’t have much time this morning and today should be a long one but I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a beautiful week – and, if you should think of me today, I’d ask that you whisper a prayer on my behalf. My heart is heavy-burdened today…particularly with five requests. Most I cannot share.

I would mention a little guy named Carter – five years old and has the same tumor, a brain stem glioma, that my Tyler had. He was admitted to the hospital late last week with pneumonia. His latest scans show a significant, and quick, growth of his tumor. Please pray for him and his family – all Christians.

I’d also mention my “senior friends”…Paul and Nellie. They have many different needs and concerns – particularly with their health but others as well. Nellie had her driver’s license taken away until her health and ability to drive could be evaluated and this loss of independence has been devastating for her. Today I take her for the first step of this evaluation process. Honestly, I do not know the best outcome for this but I pray for real wisdom as well as compassion for all those involved in this process.

My other requests are much more personal…and very heavy. We are privileged to bear one another’s burdens. And, as I am able, I will give the Lord all the glory as prayers are answered. Have a wonderful Monday – and a wonderful week, too!

8 thoughts on “Monday Morning Request

  1. Oh Jennifer it is my honor to lift your requests to the Lord with you. Have a good day though it does sound like you will be quite busy. My heart is very heavy as well for that precious little 5 year old. I will pray for him every day until I hear differently. Blessings to you, Debbie

  2. Thanks for stopping by the blog and for writing your heart in this particular post. Saying a prayer for you even now and that you will be filled with the peace of Christ in this week.

    Love the new house and am so excited for your family. I hope to have a house of our own one day.


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