More Shopping – and even a Wedding

Yes…we did a lot (ALOT) of shopping – browsing, admiring or even drooling, some giggling and even some purchasing – on our trip to Texas! But, I have to say my favorite spot was the town of Georgetown where we stopped on our second day. Just the cutest town!! It is one of the best preserved historic districts I’ve ever visited. Four main streets built around the town square.

I found an antique store I could live in and had so much fun at the used book store. There was also a really unique craft store that is supplied strictly by senior citizens – some very talented seniors I might add – working on consignment. The quilts were beautiful!! We also had another great meal at Wildfire on Austin Ave. downtown. Goodness, everyone was so nice in Texas…especially our servers at meals! I have to admit that is a bit of a “lost art” here in our hurry-scurry area!

After lunch, we headed out to Salado where the wedding was held. I know, it seems like we went to Texas to eat and shop but we really did have a wedding to attend! And a gorgeous wedding it was – even outside. Even at 100 degrees! The wedding was held on a ranch (surprise!) and the setting was phenomenal! I had the opportunity to visit with lots of family which was super special. Yes, we did do a little browsing in Salado and even found a cute tea room for lunch – but the highlight of this part of the trip was, for sure, the wedding. Aren’t brides just beautiful??

Great time there and then on to our next stop…..and guess what I was able to arrange??? (My last update tomorrow!)

8 thoughts on “More Shopping – and even a Wedding

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    thanks for stopping by and yes, I agree a Sunday afternoon nap is just the best. I was looking for a way to join your blog so it will come up automatically on my blog or I forget to come over to see you. Didn't get to read your blog
    now cause I am too pooped, but will try tomorrow, if you can tell me how to become a follower
    let me know. Thanks hon
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. My mother in law loves Georgetown too. It's too far from her house to go there spur of the moment, so I've not been there yet. Sounds like a place I would love! Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip!

  3. Hey Jennifer
    I just wanted to say thanks for your sweet comments on my blog, I appreciate them. I do have a handful of good Christian friends here, but I long for some that are in my stage of life, a mommy of little ones who is passionate about Jesus and not about the things of this world. I would love to get together with moms with kids my kids age and talk about the things God is doing in our lives while they play… it is a dream of mine, and I know one day God will fulfill it! Thanks for your prayers!


  4. Hi Jennifer,
    Glad you had such a nice time in
    Texas, and an outdoor Wedding on a Ranch, bet that was quite different and fun!!
    Found out how to add you to my google thingie, anyway, I am now
    and official follower.
    Have a great night.
    Blessings, Nellie

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