My Boy Is (Officially) a Man

jordan7 Dear Jordan, Happy Birthday – to my buddy!!  Truly, on one hand it seems like only yesterday you were the most adorable little tow-head toddler that charmed our hearts and filled our home with smiles and giggles and non-stop energy!  At the very same time, on the other hand, I am amazed – and proud beyond words – of the man you have become! jordan9 But, it is true.  Today you are twenty-one!!  A man by any definition.  I suppose you have been “a man” in your mama’s eyes ever since that day you left for Texas…to join the Air Force – serving our country and beginning your own career.  Oh, but the memories of those years leading up to that point are my everything!  I am blessed beyond measure to be your mommy!! jordan14 I must admit spending these special days so far apart is difficult for me.  Who made you a cake…or cooked your birthday dinner (what would you have requested this year??)…or even put up the balloons??  But I pray that you knew throughout the day how very much you are loved…and how very proud we are of you…..and how exciting it is to see what lies ahead for you!! Yes, you will always be my buddy.  But you are an amazing man.  I love you the mostest.  Happy Birthday, son!!

9 thoughts on “My Boy Is (Officially) a Man

  1. Oh Jennifer that post made me misty eyed….I know it is hard to spend a birthday separated by many miles. How handsome he is! And such a cute little boy he was. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jordan and may the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you always! HUGS

  2. Happy birthday to your Man!!! Your boys look so much alike! I pray that the Lord comforts your "mama-heart" today and blessses your son in a way that you would have – as you celebrate the birth of your dear man-child.

    Love to you~

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