My First Christmas Market

Happy Friday!  This is just a quick post…and will, no doubt, be a perfect example of why most of my posts contain little to no pictures.  Photography is, well, challenging for me.  (Both the taking and the being taken!!) Nevertheless, I wanted to share a few photos from our “outing” last night, so please bear with the photos.  We went to a German Christkindlmarkt.  Right here in Northern Virginia:)  It was put on by the German Armed Forces Command and was my first German Christmas market.  We have often talked of traveling to Germany during the holidays…especially to experience the markets.  Who knew we could simply drive to one!:)  It was:  very authentic, very well organized, incredibly festive, so much fun and…..beyond crowded.  We were completely surprised at how the number of people!  But the crowd, honestly, just made it more festive.

There were several booths selling handmade items.  Christmas ornaments, homemade jam (with glitter!), socks, etc.  Yes, one of each came home with me!  A German butcher as well as a bakery/sweet shop were also there selling all sorts of food items.  My husband was especially excited to bring home some “real” bologna.  Everyone has their thing:)

And then, there was food!  So much food.  Everyone was given a ticket when they entered which could be redeemed for either a bowl of steaming pea soup, German bratwurst, or a bowl of Spaetzel mac and cheese.  As much as my husband would have loved a bratwurst, the line was incredibly long.  There were way too many other tasty temptations for us to stand in one line that long.  There were also places for strudel, cake, waffles, and, of course, beer and mulled wine.  All of which was free.  Having never been to a market in Germany, I’m not sure if these treats are typically complimentary, but we were certainly surprised….pleasantly surprised:)  The cake slices were huge and delicious.  We tried the Peppermint Cheesecake as well as Mandarin Chocolate Cake.  Delicious!  I will say, if you were like us and not beer or wine drinkers, you went thirsty.  There was not a cup of water to be found anywhere and, yes, I was thirsty after all that cheese!


The weather was perfect.  But, honestly, the festive atmosphere was the best!  Everyone seemed to be full of Christmas cheer.  (Or maybe German beer and mulled wine – lol!!)  We met some really interesting people both at the booths and while standing in line.  It was a great night and, hopefully, an event that can become a holiday tradition.  Better yet, I think we need to attend one of these markets in Germany.  Just for comparison’s sake!!:)  Think you can find us in this crowd??

Happy Friday friends!!  Have a wonderful weekend – let me know if you have been to an actual Christmas market in Germany!

5 thoughts on “My First Christmas Market

  1. What a fun event!! I can see why it’s crowded, especially if the weather was nice. The Spaetzel mac and cheese sounds super good. If you and/ or your husband have a particular love of German food, I highly recommend going to an Aldi store. It’s owned by a German family and every time that I go, there are a few made in Germany food items that can be purchased. My mom was first generation German; many of her relatives whom she stayed in contact with remained in Germany (she lived in Germany for a small period of time after college). I spent six weeks in Germany one summer that I was in college with my mom’s cousin and his wife. It was in a picturesque town in Bavaria and we did a lot of great German, touristy things. But I did not go to a German Christmas market (they’re probably not a thing in the summer??). Have a great weekend!

    1. I suppose you are right, Maria – no Christmas market in July!! Ha:) But what a treat to spend an entire summer in Germany…and especially Bavaria!:) I do enjoy shopping at Aldi but I have to admit, I don’t often look for the made in Germany items. I will have to be more conscious of those! Glad you stopped by – hoping to read some blogs soon. (We have been going non-stop. I’m too old for this!)

  2. I have never been to a German market, but in New Braunfels, Texas, they have Worstfest every year and I’ve been to that, many years ago. I follow @lovemeg on Instagram and she is currently traveling in Germany and has shared many pictures and stories of the markets there. It looks like so much fun and so festive!

    And I would have been searching for a bottle of water too!

    1. I’ve been to New Braunfels once – and loved it! Yes, note to self, never assume you can buy water….bring it along:)

  3. Bravo on your picture taking. I think you well captured the charm and spirit of the event. We were in Germany in October and they were just beginning to think about Christmas while we were there. I would LOVE to see the Christmas markets. Sounds like you experienced the next best thing to being there!! Spaetzle mac and cheese sounds amazing.

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