My Little Rooster Jar

Good Monday evening!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  The weather has been 110 in the shade – literally! – and HUMID!  I love the summer but my yard is so sad looking and the porch plants are not much better.  We could certainly use a good shower or two…even a summer storm would be welcomeSmile This past weekend in our neck of the woods…it was the 150th anniversary of a civil war battle and there was plenty of hoopla – complete with reenacters in their long-sleeve wool shirts and jackets, etc.  I have to confess I do not appreciate history nearly as much as I should (well, I appreciate it….I just would never be considered a history buff) but I totally do not understand making your hobby reenacting wars.  Way past me.  But, apparently, there are A LOT of folks who do just that for fun…and a whole lot more who are more than willing to sit in the open sun-parched field to watch ‘em!! It is safe to say – I did not join in the celebration.  I didn’t much venture out of the house for that matter – it was hot.  I have been working on a few projects around the house.  Nothing huge..just fun.  And that brings me to my question….. I saw this little jar at the consignment store last week…. kitchen jar I loved it! and I had to have itSmile  Now, what do I want to do with it??  I’m open for suggestions.  Its not too big but the opening is “wide mouth” – I’m just curious how you would use it?? Thanks friend!!  Oh, and just for the record – Christmas is exactly 6 months from today!!

7 thoughts on “My Little Rooster Jar

  1. What a wonderful find! I would have had to have it too. For something that cute it doesn't really have to have a purpose, does it? Its just cute!

  2. Good morning! I don't blame you at all for sticking to the house. WAY too hot…And as for the reanacting of the wars…never did get that either, haha…The jar is just darling. Knowing me I wouldn't do much of anything with it besides just sit there looking cute. But maybe little fish crackers or something the grands would enjoy. Have a GOOD day my friend! HUGS

  3. Hi patti,
    Love your new Rooster jar. How about as a cookie jar???

    Yea, I am with you about that heat,
    when it is that hot I only want to be one place, inside with an A/C.
    When it is this hot…..
    I usually don't venture out in the daytime, unless it is to sit in the sun for just a few minutes, mostly I go out in the evening when it is cooler.

    So how are ya my friend??? so sorry I haven't been by lately, just a lot going on………but things are settling down, which is a good thing.
    Talk with you soon, I am sorry I haven't called yet, but it really is in my plans,
    Love ya, Nellie

  4. Hi Jennifer. I don't get that whole war reenactment thing either. And in THIS weather??? Ugh!! The jar is darling. I would use it in my kitchen to store my coffee beans in and set it by my coffee pot. Which is exactly what I do with my rooster jar!!!!!

  5. It has been extremely hot and humid here also! Staying inside kind of weather!! I love your rooster jar, but lack an idea for it. That is my weakness..finding a treasure then not knowing what to do with it!! You have been given some great ideas, keep us posted on what you decided!

  6. Morning Jenn,
    Thanks for stopping by it was good to hear from you. Think you could be right about our brain cells melting!! lol It has definitely be like a fire cracker around here.
    and Praise the Lord for Air conditioning we can make it without it but it is certainly no where close to fun!!
    I remember during the hurricanes 7 yrs.?? or so ago, we were without power for a week. hot weather plus hot flashes = miserable. The bright side was the ice cold showers actually felt good!! lol
    Hope all is well at your house hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

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