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I thought I would share a few of my mugs – or some of the stories behind the mugs. I have never been a “mug collector” but I do enjoy the memories behind the mugs I do have. If you haven’t taken a picture of your favorite mug – give it a try….you’ll probably enjoy thinking back on “where in the world did this one come from!?!”

Again, I apologize for the pitiful photography – you’d think a picture of a mug would be easy. But, these mugs are from my days as a Longaberger consultant. Back in the day, I had quite a passion (maybe not the best word) for Longaberger – and their baskets. I even had the Longaberger cradle (a huge basket on rockers) that all three of my children spent most of the earliest sleeping hours in!!

Then I became a consultant. I thought my love of the products would somehow make me a tremendous “salesman”! HA In actuality, selling and having the business not only truly sucked the fun out of it all for me…..I really don’t even enjoy the baskets I still have any more. Sad, really. But, these mugs are awesome.

This mug is from one of my dearest friends. The line inside says “The bonds we have are everlasting…” and I’m so glad that is true because she has moved (twice!) and long distance friendships are challenging. Sometimes too much time goes between our phone calls, notes and visits – but our friendship remains close.

Her friendship is a tremendous blessing to me. As Anne Shirley would say, we are “bosom friends”:) Certainly our friendships are real gifts that the Lord sends us and I am so thankful for Carol.

I’d tell her (again) today too – if only she read my blog?!?!:)

So this mug is just funny! Moodiness pretty much runs in our family – but our daughter has it perfected to an art…or at least she did when she was younger. Come to think of it, maybe that’s me??! Naaaa.

We bought this in Texas for her – a little souvenir. We all thought it was hysterical – her, not so much. Maybe she was in a mood that day!!:)

And, yes, this last one is my favorite and speaks for itself. Another sweet friend, and grieving mom, gave this to me last year at a fundraiser we did in Tyler’s honor. Hubbie and I both are quick to grab this one from the cabinet (yea, that’s this morning’s coffee still in the cup)- and it always makes me smile. I hope your mugs make you feel happy each morning. This one also makes me feel loved!!

Somebody in Heaven Loves Me!!

13 thoughts on “My Mug Shots

  1. oh Jennifer, I loved the mug shots!!! 🙂 I might have to do that one….I love mugs….I just put tea in them! I loved the Lonaberger things too. I am glad that I didn't ever try to sell them though. I wouldn't have succeeded in that area, and I still love the stuff! 🙂 What can I say about Tyler mug…..I can understand why you would grab that one!!! What a sweet reminder of a sweet boy!

  2. I've never thought of the stories behind mugs- great idea! I might do that sometime- we have an abundance from having so many coffee lovers in the house over the years…

    Special mugs do give you that warm feeling in the morning– I totally understand your Tyler mug. So sweet…

    Linda C

  3. Good Morning Jennifer! I love this post. I too have many stories behind some of my mugs and I will share some maybe if I get the chance. I love that you have a friend you call "bossom"…I loved those books. Did you watch the movies? My daughter and I had them practically memorized. = ) I feel you are a "kindred spirit" for sure. I can see why that last mug would be a daily favorite… Have a great day my friend…HUGS

  4. I loved reading about your mugs. I have the Longerburger dishes, too, and they remain some of my favorite mugs. I especially love the last one you shared. So special!

    What a great idea. I might have to "borrow" the Mug Shots segment for Smelling Coffee. 😉

    Blessings to you, Jennifer… You are a sweet presence in the blogosphere.


  5. I also love mugs, have trouble getting rid of them, but keep finding more and my cupboard is almost full of mugs! I enjoyed the stories and memories each mug has. Thanks for sharing.

  6. A few years ago, some friends gave us 4 mugs as a Christmas gift. They are big so they hold lots of coffee and they have an adorable snowman on them. I use one every morning year round! I know just how much hazelnut creamer and splenda to add, they fit my hand just right and they remind me of our sweet friends!

  7. Great mugs. My husband is an avid coffee drinker, so we have an assortment of mugs. I know what you mean about selling, sucking the life out of you. I was a SLAH consultant, and I learned that God just did not intend for me to be a salesman. Oh, and yes, I am hoping to be Mimi. Have a blessed week. Jackie

  8. I love all your mug stories. What a fun post!! I would love to have the heaven mug for my dear friend who lost her son. I will have to look out for one like that. Such a special mug! Hope you have a wonderful week. Love & blessings from NC!

  9. Hi Jenn,
    I love the last mugs that says "Somebody in heaven loves me!"
    that is a neat gift to a grieving parent. I love mugs too. In fact,
    I have a pretty one right on my computer desk that a old and dear friend of over 35 yrs sent me for my birthday, and after I used it awhile I was looking for something to put my pens in one day so decided on it, and it says friends are forever! She has certainly been a forever friend, what a neat person she is!! Just a Wonderful person.
    Hope you are doing well my friend,
    so your cute lil comment just a few mins ago. Thanks I did have a
    Merry Monday!! lol
    Blessings Galore hon,

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