My Purse Dilemma

Last week my friend Heather at Family Forever included me in a cute tag about our purses. I am supposed to show you my current purse – which is a real bummer since I have been on the hunt since after Christmas for a new one…I don’t really like mine – and show you what I have in it. The contents of my purse are truly not that interesting – and I will get to those pictures in a minutes – but I did have a bit of a purse issue…maybe you can help solve for me.

This a typical purse for me. (This is actually the purse I was carrying last spring.) The thing I like most about it (other than it was a gift from a best friend who apparently knows me quite well) is the size….small! I have always been a small purse kinda gal. I especially like that everything has its place and everything stays in its place with a purse like this. However, last summer, while attending the Proverbs 31 event, I had my fashion style analyzed. Very painful…..let me just tell you, EVERYTHING I was doing was wrong! Including my accessories – or, more specifically, my purses. It seems, little purses are for, shall we say, little people! I am in no way a little person!!

So, in order to save me from any further public fashion humiliation, my dearest daughter bought me this absolutely adorable bag. It is too cute – and too big! The size, by itself, is not that bad but everything just ends up in a big heap at the bottom of the bag..which is beyond aggravating! I did receive many compliments while I was carrying this bag – which I suppose is the name of the game – but it was so annoying.
Which leads me to the purse I am currently carrying…..I had hoped it would be a good compromise. I guess it is okay but I just don’t know??? Have any of you ever heard of such things? I’m telling you – once she let me know that my small bag was not working for me….I just haven’t been comfortable since!
Oh..and just for the record – here’s what I’ve got in my bag these days: wallet, two packs of gum, mirror, black case of “cards”, hand sanitizer, lotion, foldable brush and…yes, my reading glasses!! Now…where is my cell phone????

5 thoughts on “My Purse Dilemma

  1. OH my goodness… finding just the right purse is very difficult! My Mom and I take the job of finding one very seriously! 😉

    We have our own criteria, too… one of the biggies is that is has to open up nice and big. Like a ‘frog mouth’ is always good.

    I think in your case you can probably find (ideally, haha)the same basic style as the first one you showed, from last spring, but bigger. That is a pretty popular style – the long, narrow-type (or at least it WAS… I’m not exactly one to ask about fashion, lol).

    So you could still have it shallow, where everything is easier to find, but bigger, to match your fashion profile. 🙂

    I can’t believe I’ve babbled on this long in a comment about purses. Apparently it is a topic I care deeply about, lol!! Good luck!!

  2. We all have purse dilemmas…you ARE NOT the only one…trust me! I, personally, like all of yours! You’ve got it goin’ on in my book! 😉

  3. I’m with you on the “everything in it’s place” mantra. I hate having to rummage through a pile of stuff. I did get a leather bucket bag on sale at Wilson Leather that I love. It’s big (I can put my big camera down in there and ditch the camera bag, if needed), but it has a place for cell phone and other items inside, along with 2 zip pockets, and a nice big pocket on the outside. One other criteria for me is that I have to be able to put it over my shoulder and have it STAY there. Sometimes I need both hands, and I don’t want the darn thing constantly falling off my arm. Hmmm… I suppose they might be called “purses” because they are so, shall we say, “purs-anol”?

  4. That is one organized purse!!

    Finding the perfect purse is an ordeal for sure. I personally have never ever noticed is a purse was “right” for someone or not. I say buy what you like and stick with it! 🙂

  5. To my oldest and dearest best friend!!!

    Girl, a purse is a fashion accessory to some and a necessary tool to another. Don’t let the Fashionesta’s dictate what you carry. The larger the purse the heavier the load. I love the last purse it is sooo you and it is very fashionable. Stick with the small tailored bags. THEY ARE YOU!

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