My Relationships Change As Well

The promise of Heaven changes everything!  I started some thoughts on that last Tuesday and had planned to wrap them up with my next post; however, Friday was my favorite link-up, Share Four Somethings.  But I did want to add a final thought to how the truths of Heaven make a difference in my life.  And should for every believer.

The reality of Heaven and an eternity in Heaven.  When those truths become more than something I believe in my head but truly are my hope and the anchor of my faith, I cannot help but be changed.  I do not need to be overwhelmed or defeated.  Nor do I need to live as a victim to life’s hard things.  I can sincerely embrace God’s abundant life for me!  As well, my priorities change.  I want to make choices – big and small – that keep me focused on eternity.  Just as I mentioned last week, I want to be fruitful and not simply busy.  I want to be joy-filled and content.

These are real effects that come from having our hearts fixed on Heaven.  I don’t think we will have to force the change.  We determine to keep our eyes on eternity, and our lives will be impacted.  And changed.  I have one more thought.  A change  I have seen played out in my life and that I think is not only appropriate but necessary.  However, this one might require a bit more concerted effort on our part.  The change in our relationships.  Those with whom we spend the most time.  Those we seek for advice.  And those who are our friends.

There are all kinds of friends and all kinds of friendships.  Some are for a season and a few will last forever.  Some are casual and others run very deep.  But, regardless of shape or size, friendships shape us and we need to find and draw close to fellow pilgrims on their way to Heaven.  Those who will strengthen, guide and encourage us on our way.  Find friends and create other relationships with those who will give us truth.  Those who share our faith and have a passion for it.  Those who are faithful themselves.  What a gift these friendships are to our lives and we need to be purposeful to create them.

We also need to cultivate relationships with the lost.  To reach out.  And to draw in those who need to know Jesus.  Who need to know the truths of Heaven, eternity and need to know that Jesus died for them as well!!  Finding “our people” is wonderful but we cannot remain insulated and expect to be a light.  To make a difference.  I honestly once believed the right balance was too hard, too complicated or even impossible.  In order to remain “unspotted from the world,” I remained (almost) isolated.  But God has called us to be “the light of the world” and has really helped me create both relationships and friendships that strengthen me and, in turn, allow me to shine for Him.

Matthey 5:14 – 16a  “Ye are the light of the world.  A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.  Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.  Let your light so shine before men….”

I would love if you would share with me how you cultivate godly friendships.  I think it would be an encouragement to all of us.  Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a wonderful week…perhaps call a good friend and tell her what a blessing she is to you!  Or, go have coffee:)

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