My Spirit is Willing, but…..

The struggle is real.  I think it’s a sentiment that all of us can identify with – some days more often than others!  Often it is used just to acknowledge and/or to agree with someone’s bad day.  Even a simple “bad hair day.”  Other times, the challenges are more complex but, the truth is, we constantly face struggle – and some of the hardest are the internal ones.  The battle within.

GO – “The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” This was Jesus’ response to the disciples who had fallen asleep after He asked them to pray with Him in the garden.  I don’t think He was necessarily rebuking them but acknowledging that the battle exists.  The battle between our desire to serve Him, to love Him with all our hearts and, as the disciples had just hours before declared, to give our lives for Him…and the reality that our flesh fails.  Our flesh gets weary, gives in and so often disappoints.

The reality of the struggle does not make us a bad person.  It simply reminds us that we are human and that we need the Holy Spirit’s help.  He can enable us to overcome.  However we might need strength – to fight our flesh, to control emotions that defeat us, or to withstand the lure and temptations of this world – He is able to sustain us.

STOP – Yes, the struggle is real.  But the victory is just as real – and secure!  Live in victory today!!

This week’s prompt is WILLING – check out all the FMF posts here.

17 thoughts on “My Spirit is Willing, but…..

  1. Thanks for the reminder. Also, I may need to apologize if I accidentally marked your response to my post as spam. The buttons are too close together on my unsmart phone and I’m not sure if I was able to undo it. Thanks once again for your thoughtful post and your comments on mine

  2. Hi Jennifer, thank you so much for pointing us to this Scripture and the Holy Spirit. Loads of wisdom in your post! Have a beauty-full rest of the weekend. In Christ, Julie from FMF

  3. My flesh is weak, and cries for rest
    and wants to take the pain excuse,
    but we’ll push to a personal best;
    the hurt will make my face chartreuse.
    “You’ve got cancer, can’t you see
    that you have to give your body grace
    to come to terms with indignity
    that proceeds from this bloody place.”
    Fie on weakness, fie on sloth,
    we are not here for lounging ease;
    fie on self-protecting tosh,
    this sentimentality’s a disease.
    I’ll push this body to the end,
    and once there, I’ll break, not bend.

    #1 at FMF this week.

  4. The victory is real and secure . This is a truth that I need to cling to on long hard days! I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  5. Jennifer, thank you for reminding me this morning of this>>> The struggle means I am human and am in need of the Holy Spirit’s help. This encouraged me. Blessings!

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