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Simple Woman’s Daybook: March 1, 2010

Outside my window… is a beautiful morning! It might even reach 50 today and the sun is glorious streaming through the windows.

I am thinking…..about my last post – from last Monday – and what a difference a week can make:) I definitely struggled last week. Not exactly sure why…maybe all that thinking about Heaven got me started….but my emotions got the best of me and then begins the negative thinking and so on and so on until it just is not pretty. But my God is faithful – and sticketh closer than a brother…always ready to lift me up and put my feet back on solid ground (if only I thought of these lines myself! 🙂 )

I am thankful….for new beginnings. A new month. A new week. A new day. And His mercies are new every morning!!

I am wearing….my snazzy pink rain boots when I take the dogs out today. All this melting snow – can I get a huge HOORAY – is leaving a lot of soggy muddy ground…but that’s okay.

I am remembering….some of the funniest (and cutest) things that my little 3 and 4 year olds say each week during our crusader class on Wednesday nights. I told my husband that I really need to be writing a book because some of the things “out of the mouths of babes” there are totally priceless!!

I am going….to get my friend Susan (the one who recently moved to PA) a birthday card today if I don’t remember anything else. Wednesday is her birthday and she is certainly lonely – I hope she has a special day. Other than that, I really need to do some grocery shopping today.

I am reading…well, looking at the pictures, of a Home and Design magazine that I was given at the Home and Garden Center Expo we went to this weekend. The magazine is a little over the top but the expo was a lot of fun – so much totally cool stuff and completely beautiful ideas for both inside and outside.

I am hoping….my sweet nephew had a great birthday this past Thursday – and that his dad is home safely from his trip to Kentucky. (I need to call them both today.)

On my mind…are some of the thoughts I have from last night’s sermon about guarding ourselves from “busyness”. I think one of Satan’s greatest tools for keeping us not only ineffective, but also discouraged and defeated, is busyness. How easy it is to keep ourselves busy and, sadly, many women seem to get some (or even most) of their self-worth from being busy…as if when asked “how have you been” and they could not answer “oh, so busy” that they were failures. There was much to learn in that sermon and some re-shaping of the thinking that I need to ponder.

In the kitchen…I flipped over the calendar (the one that is strictly for appearance..ha) and it said “Nature is God’s Art” – love it.

Around the house….it is (for the most part) clean – yeah – as I spent the whole day on Friday scrubbing before guests arrived that evening. So, today, I get a little break from my normal “cleaning day Monday” and I am enjoying waking up to things looking fresh and tidy.

Plans for the week…..oh my. I was thinking over my week ahead and I noticed a bit of a theme – let’s see….lunch with a friend on Tuesday, breakfast at a girlfriend’s house on Wednesday, breakfast at Cracker Barrel on Thursday for Ladies’ Day Out, dinner out with friends on Saturday. WHY do all my plans revolve around food????? No doubt, next Monday’s plans for the week will involve working off another three extra pounds!

One of my favorite things…Jordan’s phone calls and hearing his stories from work (he has a great story ability) – he made his first arrest! and that story keeps me laughing every time I retell it.

6 thoughts on “New Every Morning

  1. Morning Jennifer,
    Very nice morning post. It is a nice day here this morning too, and I had a visit from 6 lovely white ibis birds this morning. I just love love love that!! I will post pics on Thankful Thursday probably.
    They were so cute.
    I know what you mean about the busy stuff…..and the Lord has taught me he is not the God of frantic activity, and I am so happy to know that cause it has truly helped to make my life way more joyful. There are a lot of crabby and out of sorts christian people, cause they run themselves ragged and they don't get a good nights rest or rest at all, then wonder why they are such a mess emotionally and physically. I am for pacing myself and I truly think God's yoke is easy, if we will listen to his voice and do the things he asks us to do, not presuming or letting someone else twist our arm or put a guilt trip on us, or force us into their mold, how that revolutionizes our lives. But people will try to do all those things but we have to be
    determined to live by what the Lord shows us which of course, that means in order to do that, we have to spend time with him.
    I also think we don't take the Sabbath rest seriously in our society either. I heard one Pastor say, don't come up here asking me to pray for healing for you if you are not honoring the sabbath. Whew!! The message was on honoring the sabbath and the purposes and reasons for it. Very
    Good message.
    So glad to hear your snow is finally starting to melt, maybe this will be the end of it, I sure hope so for all you sweet Northern gals!!
    I am laughing that it is March 1st
    and I am finally starting to get a lil sick of my Winter Reds, course, it is not so bad when it is still cold out, which it is going to be cool still up till next week I think. As soon as it gets hot it makes me want to start "Spring a Sizing" the house. lol
    On 20 more days till spring.
    Well, guess I had better hush, you are my first comment of the day,
    so I am gonna be burned out soon!!
    Have a great day Sweetie, always appreciate your sweet and thoughtful comments when you stop by, Thanks!
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. Good Morning to you sweet Jennifer!

    I was so glad to see your post this morning…I've missed you…You did come to my mind a couple of times last week and I prayed for you. Didn't know what I was praying "for" but didn't matter as He did. I'm glad to hear all is well.

    As I was reading of all you had planned this week I was thinking…oh how wonderful to have all those friends to see this week…and didn't even notice they revolved around food until you said that..haha How I'd love to sit down and share lunch or a cup of tea with you too, I have a feeling we could just talk and talk. = )

    I am with you on the being "busy" thing for sure. I think as I have become an empty nester and soo many of my days are quiet with not a lot of the frantic busyness of my past, there is a tendency to feel guilty or like I need to DO something more, haha I have been understanding more and more recently that it is a lie from the enemy.

    Have a wonderful day enjoying the sunny skies, melting snow and bright pink rain boots! (I love it!) I'd appreciate a prayer or two if you get the chance as I have a TREMENDOUS cold and a case of bronchitis and it has knocked me right off my already wobbly feet, haha…The enemy has such a field day with me when I am physcially weak too. I hate that about myself. But praise God I know WHO is always victorious.

    Hugs, Debbie

  3. Sounds like you'll be busy this week, and it will be the good kind of busy.

    Both sermons yesterday were excellent, weren't they? Certainly gave me lots to think about. I know you and I are in totally different seasons of our life, but isn't it so easy to get busy with the non-important things?

    Have fun with all that eating out. 🙂

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