A New Idea

Friday with Friends topic: Tell us about your favorite teacher – or one who made a lasting impression on you. Share a thought, a story or even a picture. Post any day next week, just leave me a comment letting me know so I can include you on Friday.

Good Friday morning – and the beginning of a long weekend! Hubbie has off today so it is an extra-nice long weekend for us. Today we are going to spend the day “out” together…take a drive – headed down to the extra large Plow and Hearth store. There is one closer to us but it is a smaller one in a shopping center – and, besides, we will stop at all the antique and thrift stores along the way! So much fun:)

Tomorrow we hope to finish the flower beds inside the patio. We are so enjoying our patio. Yesterday was really hot but the evenings cool off so nicely and we were sitting outside enjoying a latte when a storm started brewing….the lightning was so cool and the breeze was great. Well, at least Hubbie and I thought so – the dogs not so much!

Have been meaning all week to tell you about Donna’s giveaway…..check it out here. Donna is a sweet friend of mine (even in “real life” and not just through blogging!) and she is having her first giveaway – for 100 posts! What fun. You could win a new magazine subscription to any of the Taste of Home magazines! I thoroughly enjoy reading magazines – I’ve been wondering where my subscriptions have been since we moved…apparently they did not make the move well; however, yesterday I went to the mailbox, which I rarely do, and there were THREE magazines! Woo hoo for me – and just in time for a lazy, long weekend:) If you enjoy magazines as well, be sure to check out Donna’s give away.

So, if you are still reading…..here is my thought. I love conversation. I always enjoy being with a group of family or friends and tossing out a topic and hearing everyone’s thoughts/ideas/memories on the subject. And I thought it would be great to something similar with my blogging friends. (How I enjoy reading each of your posts and learning snipets of your life…wouldn’t it be wonderful to have actual conversations?) With that in mind, next week I will be starting Friday with Friends.

It is simple, really. I’ll toss out a thought or an idea each Friday. You will have all week to think about it and write a post about it to share the next Friday. You can share your post any day the following week. Just let me know that you did and on Friday, I will link in everyone that has joined the conversation (I know about Mr. McLinky, etc. but right now that is over my head….but I will include everyone.) I think it will be fun – and I will look forward to hearing from everyone each Friday. (Yes, occasionally I might skip a Friday just so I can slip in Foto Friday and satisfy my urge to share my pictures of Miss Roo….who, by the way, is doing fantastic! The swelling and bruising is going down even faster than the doctor predicted. Thank you so much for your comments – and prayers.) Back to Friday with Friends….I hope that you will join in! and even ask your friends to join!!

With the end of school on my mind, I have been thinking about school days past. So, next Friday, let’s share about a favorite teacher from your school days. Share a thought or even a specific memory….if you have any pictures, even better! Let’s hear it for the all the teachers with the beehive hairdos!!:)

Hope you have a great weekend – I look forward to hearing from everyone:)

7 thoughts on “A New Idea

  1. A long drive with stops along the way to visit antique and thrift stores…. sounds wonderful. My hubby is more the "get-in-the-car-drive-til you-get-there-and-stop" kind of guy! But I have three friends who like to do that. It is one of my favorite things to do. I hope you have fun! And I will be thinking about the teacher post.

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    Sounds like you and hubby have nice
    plans for tomorrow. Hope you have a wonderful day checking out all those antique and thrift stores.
    Love your idea about the Friday Friends, was it??? Sounds like fun
    to me.
    Isn't it just so lovely when the weather is nice and you can sit outside. Jimmy and I just love doing that, it is so relaxing and just so nice being out there.
    Keep enjoying that patio. We cleaned our porch again this morning…..amazing how quickly it gets dirty. We also cleaned the rugs we use out there, I have had them rolled up waiting to be cleaned for awhile, they came out so nice, and it will look great to have them out there again they add so much color.
    Well sweetie, hope you have a good
    Memorial Day. Our family is coming over, and we will have just the usual picnic fare.
    Blessings, Nellie

  3. Hope you have a wonderful weekend with lots of good conversations on a variety of topics.

    Enjoy that time with your man too.

    Glad to hear you are feeling well…

    I'll try to join in next Friday for the teacher day!

    Blessings to you,

  4. oh, the Friday conversation sounds really neat! 🙂 I will be joining in with you all! 🙂
    I can't believe that your husband goes with you to the stores and goes for long strolls through them too!! He is amazing. 🙂
    Enjoy that deck! I am definitely an outdoor person. I love the simple things like sitting on my back deck and gliding in my glider and simply watching the birds and squirrels, or the trees, or the clouds! 🙂 Whatever I can. I love to read outside too. I get a nice Bible time in the morning out there with my hot tea and the birds singing as I spend time with the One who created them!! 🙂

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