A New Point of View

This weekend we finished up our annual missions’ conference at church. What a great week we had! For me, it really was a time to readjust my perspective…to look outside my own box to notice not only a world in need of a Savior but also my own neighbors and community. I don’t live right in the city but we are definitely in the heart of metropolitan suburbia and, around here, it is quite common (at times, even preferred) for folks to “keep to themselves” or “mind their own business” – basically, become self-absorbed. It takes deliberate thought to avoid falling into that way of thinking but I do believe, as Christians, we have to make the effort.

There is an older song by the Gaither Vocal Band called “New Point of View” about seeing things from a “heavenly frame of mind”….it has great lyrics which I searched all over the internet for but could not find. However, it is a great reminder about our perspective. Anyways, it was a great weekend – and a good week of meetings last week. This week will be about regrouping – getting the house back in order (it doesn’t take long to get undone, for sure), making some “real” meals for dinner instead of last week’s rush ones, and some time for fun things as well. I would love to visit a pumpkin patch…the weather is perfect and I’m so itching to try my hand at white pumpkins like I see allover blogland! We will have to see how that works out……..

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