No Need for a Fleece

I recently read these lines in a devotion:  “Some people look for problems.  They find a problem with every solution instead of the other way around.”  I know so many people just like that.  Whatever situation, problem or struggle they might be facing or trying to resolve, they have three problems with every possible solution or suggestion of help you might offer.  It can be beyond frustrating.  But, truth be told, I can easily fall into that mindset and I have to be on guard against it.  It is an especially easy default when I am lacking confidence.  Just a few thoughts on confidence today:

GO – I used to really admire Gideon – and his boldness, as I perceived it, to “put out his fleece” and ask God for confirmation regarding His directions.  I even thought it admirable to copy that assertiveness and ask God for tangible signs to confirm what I believed His will for me.  And while I know that God is so gracious and very patient with us – and our areas of doubt and insecurities – I don’t think constantly questioning and requestioning the Lord is a sign of wisdom.  Or mature faith.  It is way more often an indicator of weak faith or, at the least, a lack of confidence.  Not only in ourselves but, perhaps just as much, a lack of confidence in God’s ability to enable us to do what He has asked us to do.  And I don’t want that for my testimony.

Unlike Gideon, I have not only the complete word of God but also the Holy Spirit within me.  I don’t need visions or signs to know when God is speaking to me.  I need to be regularly in the Word and much in prayer and, then, with all confidence, I can move forward and obey whatever the Lord asks me to do.  Go wherever He leads.  Fully assured of His power, His presence, His faithfulness, and His promises, I can be confident.

STOP – I am glad that God saw not only Gideon’s potential but also that He was so gracious towards Gideon.  However, I want to learn from Gideon. Not repeat his weaknesses.  I want to trust and obey – without the repeated need for reassurance and with confidence.


One thought on “No Need for a Fleece

  1. I can’t believe that Gideon put out a fleece the second time. You’d think one amazing sign would have been enough! But it does reassure me that God was patient with Gideon and that he is patient with us too even in those times when we do ask for reassurance again and again.

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