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Today’s FMF prompt is Regret.  Since I  first read the prompt, I have been mulling over regrets.  My own personal ones – we all have them.  And what my response to those regrets should be – and can be because I am a Christian.  I did not sit down to write earlier today and then took the hour or so to watch the LiveStream of Billy Graham’s funeral (technology really can be wonderful!) and I am later than usual joining the link-up.  But, that’s okay.  The Graham service was so encouraging.  Funerals always cause a time of reflection and self-evaluation.  What type of legacy am I creating?  It’s very sobering.  And my thoughts from the morning went in a totally different direction.
Somewhere among those sobering thoughts, I was reminded of the story of William Borden.  A life defined by the words:  No Reserve.  No Retreat. and No Regrets.  I think I will save some of my earlier thoughts and simply post a glimpse of Borden’s story.  It is inspiring.  Just as Billy Graham’s story was this morning.  Just as hundreds of others who have chosen to live wholeheartedly for their Savior – and did so without regret.  If you haven’t heard this story, I encourage you to read more of it when you can.  It will be a blessing.
Perhaps you have heard of Borden’s milk or Borden’s cheese.  In the late 1800’s, the Borden family was one of the wealthiest families ever in the United States.  And it was into this family that William Borden was born- and was groomed and educated to take over the family business.  He was to be a millionaire in an era when there were very, very few millionaires.
When he was just a young boy, William’s mother became a Christian and she began taking William to church.  After hearing Dr. R.A. Torrey preach, William made the decision to accept Christ and follow Him.  That decision changed his whole life. He began praying and studying his Bible and seeking to know God’s plan for his life. While studying at Yale, he attended a missions conference and heard one speaker make an appeal for workers to reach the most unreachable people on the planet – Muslims in China.  The missionary said, “Of course it will cost life. It is not an expedition of ease… nor a picnic excursion to which we are called…”   William Borden knew this was what God wanted him to do.  In a notebook, he wrote “In every man’s heart there is a throne and a cross… If Christ is on the throne self is on the cross… If Jesus is on the throne you will go where He wants you to go…”
After school, he went to Egypt to practice the Arabic language before going to the field.  While in Egypt, he contracted meningitis and died at the age of 25 before ever getting to China.  After his death, three phrases were found written in his Bible – ones that characterized his life:
No Reserve – written after he renounced his fortune in order to became a missionary
No Retreat – written a time later and shortly after his father told him he would never be welcome to work in the family company again, and

No Regrets – written shortly before he died in Egypt.
A life lived with Christ on the throne and saying yes to follow Him will be a life without regrets.  My life of following Christ may not take me to far off lands.  It probably will not have me disinherited or even distanced from those I love.  Everyone’s path is different but everyone has the opportunity to follow God – without regrets.

8 thoughts on “No Regrets

  1. I never knew any of his story. How amazing! If we are following Christ it doesn't matter what gets accomplished in our eyes. He didn't even make it to China, yet he did exactly what Christ wanted. Each walk is individual. We cannot judge another by our own view. Beautiful post! #29.

  2. Beautiful entry! Thank you for passing along William's story – I loved your line "What legacy am I creating?" – so simple yet so poignant.

    And I think you'll agree, while we'd all like to get out of this earthly life without regrets, the only way is by being busy with the Father's work.

  3. I've never heard of William Borden but this is a fascinating story. I agree, if we have Christ on the throne and we are living in obedience to him, then however things turn out we will have no regrets.

  4. Hi, Jennifer! Visiting from the FMF link-up. 🙂

    I love this story. Our Sunday school group actually did a lesson not too long ago that featured little snippets of Borden's life. I want to be like him, to follow Jesus with no hesitation or hedging.

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