Not Just Another Day

“Just another day at the office.”  Although typically used rather sarcastically when something absurd or ridiculous happens, it also infers to the not-so-surprising or routine things of a day.  And not just “at the office” but wherever you spend the majority of your day…and whatever makes up your routine.  Another stack of papers to grade.  Another zoom meeting that could have been an email.  One more day of keeping the kids fed, focused and somewhat productive.  Or, if you are like me, another day of keeping your husband fed and somewhat productive:)

For most of us, the days are beginning to blur together.  Routine, in many ways, is becoming a rut.  A worn path…and we are simply plodding along the trail.  Much like the horses my husband and I rode many years ago (make that decades ago) while on our honeymoon.  We were in Barbados and fell hook, line, and sinker for the beautiful photos of “couples horseback rides through the sugar cane fields of the island.”  How romantic!  If I was at all a bit nervous as a novice rider, it was wasted worry.  Those horses were so used to those trails, they did not even need bits and bridles (which we did use).  They simply trudged along the trail in an effort to return the barn as soon as they could.

But each day is a new day.  Each day is full of potential and possibility.  Each day is a gift.  And, while we might acknowledge that as true, I’m not sure we approach each day that way.  And, if we do, how quickly does that truth get lost in another load of laundry or one more grilled cheese to make?  We need to begin our day asking the Lord to show us the blessings – the blessings that abound even on the “most normal” of days -and then purposely look for those blessings throughout the day.

STOP – I’ve caught myself (too) often thinking “once this quarantine is lifted….” or “as soon as I can get back to………..” and then determining that I am going to enjoy the day, appreciate the beauty, not take for granted His gifts or any number of things.  But why wait?  I don’t think I should.  Today is its own gift – with its own blessings as well as opportunities. This is not just “another day at the office.”

Just another Five Minute Friday edition:)

9 thoughts on “Not Just Another Day

  1. Laundry and grilled cheese? Have you been spying on me? I saved up several loads of laundry so I could do them yesterday. Doing three loads back to back made it feel like I was “doing something” instead of the way I normally do a load each day. When I ask my thirteen year old what he wants for lunch, it’s always grilled cheese sandwiches. I’m pretty burnt out of grilled cheese sandwiches at this point, and yet I need to remember they are “my daily bread.” It is how God has chosen to provide for my family. One day, in the distant future, I will be making a grilled cheese, and I’ll think fondly of these days – cooped up with my kids, thinking I’m going to lose my mind – and I’ll miss it.

  2. I love the photo and the description of your romantic honeymoon. That is different than all the posts about the corona virus. I like the positive hopeful attitude you portray as well.

    I think I am the only one who did not write about the Corona virus. I am #3 on FMF. I wrote about ways we can love one another. I hope you get a chance to read my blog.

    Terri D

  3. The COVID thing is quite a pain,
    or so the whole world says,
    but back within my shadowed brain,
    I think of other days…
    You’d best really have a care
    where you sit to sup;
    last bloke that was seated there
    got himself blown up.
    The entree on the menu
    is once again fried rat;
    but this is a classy venue;
    do you want chips with that?
    Yeah, I know it’s stringy meat,
    but better here than civvy street!

    ‘civvy street’ – civilian life

  4. Wise words. I am trying to do some things during this stay at home adventure that I have put off doing for one reason or another. If I break out the paints, then I really will be stretching myself!!

    We are hiring folks to come do some projects around the house that need to be done. Using our stimulus check for stimulating local business. And getting things all spic and span.

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