Currently: October 2021

Each month starts with what I am doing currently – and Anne’s “Currently” link-up.  The prompts sometimes stump me but I like this fun and unique way to see (and remember)  what life is looking like these days.  I think I am sometimes stumped with the prompts because life is just, well, life.  Maintaining the… Read More Currently: October 2021

A Look Back

An Autumn Day Trip

Yesterday was a beauty!  In so many ways!  We finished our fall revival the night before and both Hubbie and I are feeling refreshed, encouraged, excited and challenged.  Spiritually renewed.  The weather has just been pure perfection making us feel physically refreshed as well!  Yesterday morning just beckoned for us to “get out for the… Read More An Autumn Day Trip

Tell His Story

How Heaven Changes Me

I mentioned the promise of Heaven – the comfort that gives and the hope it offers – last week.  I have received several sweet comments, thoughts, emails, and prayers…and I am so very grateful for each one.  Without a doubt, they have made a difference.  As I said on Friday, hope changes everything.  The promise… Read More How Heaven Changes Me