A Look Back

Father’s Day 2020

Happy Friday.  It’s Father’s Day weekend.  Although it has been 20 years (yes, twenty!!  It is hard to imagine) since I last saw my dad on this earth, I tend to get nostalgic – if not a bit emotional – on special weekends last these.  I am so grateful for the relationship that I enjoyed… Read More Father’s Day 2020


Some Things About Summer

Summer has arrived in Virginia.  It actually seems to have settled in….and I say, “Welcome.  Please, stay awhile!”  I enjoy summer.  And while this one will, no doubt, be different in many ways, there is much to anticipate, enjoy and savor about summer.  This post is a few of my favorite things about summer.  Five… Read More Some Things About Summer


Currently: June 2020

Welcome June! I must admit, I was more than a little excited to turn the calendar page for June.  May was not my best month.  It was long…and draining.  In all ways.  A new month – which began on Monday (my favorite) and new week…bonus! – was a breath of fresh air and renewed hope… Read More Currently: June 2020

Five Minute Friday

The Same Purpose

Born.  Ever since reading today’s prompt – born – one of my favorite songs has been on repeat in my head.  Born to Die Upon Calvary.  I’ve shared this song more than once on my blog but I’m always happy to share it again.  (just one verse and chorus but hum along….) Jesus knew when… Read More The Same Purpose