Five Minute Friday

Thinking of Mom: “Practice Makes Perfect!”

Happy Friday…and time for another Five Minute Friday.  This week’s prompt is practice…which immediately reminds me of the years of piano lessons.  They were decades of ago – seem a lifetime ago – but memories of those required thirty minutes every afternoon still seem painful.  Dreaded. Thinking about the time spent practicing is bittersweet.  I… Read More Thinking of Mom: “Practice Makes Perfect!”

Tell His Story

A Much Needed Umbrella

“Into each life some rain must fall.”  I don’t often quote Henry Wadsworth Longfellow but this quote came to mind several times this past weekend as I tried to mentally deal with the rain.  All the rain.  So.much.rain.  I’m trying to have a better attitude – replacing my complaining with thoughts more positive.  I’m not… Read More A Much Needed Umbrella

Five Minute Friday

Created Emotional

Too sensitive.  Emotional.  Even, um, touchy:)  I have been “called” these things – and more – since I was a child.  And I suppose, truth be told, there is much truth in those descriptions.  But name-calling is never really helpful.  Just sayin. I have this one (very) vivid memory.  I was about nine or ten… Read More Created Emotional

Five Minute Friday

Enjoy Today’s Gifts

Children love birthdays!  Oh, the excitement!!  And, as parents, we love celebrating the birthdays of our children.  From the favorite food – favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner…or all three! – to the decorations and just the right cake.  And, of course, choosing a gift that will bring delight.  It is a lot of work but definitely… Read More Enjoy Today’s Gifts