Thankful Thursday ….and I cannot believe it has taken me this long to give thanks for (and introduce) Rascal!! You might ask, “What kind of pup is he?” We don’t really know – some type of poodle mix. “How old is he?” We don’t really know – maybe about five!?! You see, Rascal was a rescue dog we brought home to our house just over a year ago. Its a great story actually – going to get him. We drove three hours straight across the mountain to the literal middle of nowhere to pick him up from his foster mommy. (To make the trip just about perfect, it started to POUR on the ride home!) Throughout the ride over, Hubbie and I must have remarked 100 times, this must be one amazing dog for us to be making this trek. And, we were not disappointed! What a sweet puppy!! He has never had an accident, never chewed anything…loves to take a walk, get a belly rub…and really just lives to love us (and let us love him) – and that is what this Thankful Thursday post is really about.

After Tyler died, all of us grieved (of course) but a mother’s grief, a father’s grief, a brother or sister’s grief – are all so unique. As a wife and mother, I so wanted to help not only my children grieve but also my husband; however, I often was barely able to keep my own head up. And I believe in many ways grieving dads are often “overlooked”. There is a tremendous amount of support for mothers (for which I am very grateful) but dads and husbands…..not as much. My hubbie often fielded questions of concern on my behalf but rarely did folks approach him and ask how he was doing….but, I’ve taken a rabbit trail.

Hubbie’s heart was broken and we never knew what a balm for a hurting heart one little dog would be! Rascal has loved his master…and replaced sadness with joy and given a reason to get up in the morning on those days when it just didn’t seem to matter. I am so thankful today – and every day – for Rascal.

Now….after reading this, you might think that our dog is spoiled. (?!?) Well, let me just set the record straight. NO….ok, so maybe just a little!

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