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Welcome to the middle of our snow week!  I almost said our “first snow week” for the year but here’s to hoping this is snow week – one and done!:)  This week’s snow has not been too bad.  The timing did not impact too much and the roads have been clear and well maintained.  At the house, we (as in, my husband) only had to use a stiff broom in order to clear the sidewalks, etc.  No shovel necessary….and that works for me.  Well, for both of us:)  And, yes, the snow can be pretty but these single digit temperatures are not for me.  Even with the brilliant sunshine today, it is c.o.l.d!  Cue my grumpy face…..

Knowing what I hope to blog about today, well, that first paragraph makes me pause.  And laugh at myself.  Clearly I need to write this post just for me!  It is a bit of a follow-up post to one I did earlier as I reflected on the past year and, as well, considered how I hoped some of last year’s lessons would help me going into the new year ahead of us.  That first post can be found here.

This past year was one of challenges for me.  Physically, for sure but in other ways as well.  Many I do not mention much here on the blog.  But, looking back, I see a recurring theme for 2023….life felt “on hold.”  Ideas similar to “once I get over this surgery” or “if I can just finish these treatments” (regarding my health and so much more) not only dominated my thinking but also seemed to dictate my dreams, my plans and even my day to day.  God was certainly good and He was faithful.  Just as He always has been.  I certainly saw that in the “big moments” throughout the year but, if I’m honest, I missed much of the day to day beauty – and bounty of God’s goodness – last year.

I don’t want to do that in 2024!  I’m ready to embrace, enjoy and even celebrate this new year.  Even fact, although I have not chosen a “word for year” in several years, if I were to choose a word….it would be CELEBRATE!  Oh sure, I’ll have fun with the holidays, the birthdays and other significant days but I plan to celebrate – to enjoy to the fullest! – even the ordinary days.  And the ordinary things.  There might not be a cake with candles with every random Tuesday – or maybe there will be!:) – but I want to stop simply going through the motions and start purposefully seeking, noticing and appreciating all that is so special and so God-given in each day.

That might even include snowy days and long winter evenings.  Ha…of course it does!  I’ve even added some winter photos to this post as I remind myself of the beauty that is found even in winter.  Not all of these photos are mine.  Several were shared my family members.   Most are first morning photos:)  Granted, it might take this sun-loving girl some time to really “love” winter (and I may never) but I can still appreciate it.  Enjoy the beauty.  Be grateful for all God is doing in winter.  Be grateful for my snug house!!  Most of all, refuse to put my life “on hold” until spring.  I’m ready to “celebrate” now!

This is just a jumble of some of the thoughts that have been rattling in my brain lately.  Thanks for reading to the end.  I hope that you are having a good week.  I hope you are warm, snug and that your winter mornings have been brilliant.  They certainly have been here.  More snow is in forecast.  Hmmm.  I might even dig out some snowboots and go for a snowy hike.  Or walk to the mailbox!!:)  Baby steps……

11 thoughts on “Ready to Celebrate

  1. You will have to let us know how the hike goes… or the walk to the mail box. Baby steps, love it! Your mindset is so good and healthy. I need to reflect on your words and wisdom as usual. We have snow in our forecast and I am pretty excited about it. Yes, if it comes it means that I get out of work. At the risk of sounding lazy, there´s something fulfilling in planning on having an obligation and then that obligation going away in a cloud of smoke… or in a storm of flakes, as it were. Have a great day and stay warm! (Except for in the beginning of those walk that you have planned!)

  2. We have been warm and snug inside since our temps are pretty cold too. We didn’t get much snow either but mother nature did decide to finish it all off with an inch or two of ice so everything is very crunchy and slippery out. It took us forever to get all the snow and ice scraped off my youngest son’s car (my husband’s and mine were in the garage and my oldest son was out plowing and sanding and using his car so he didn’t have the accumulation problem). BUT it is beautiful especially when the light hits the frozen branches and things and everything starts to sparkle.

  3. Dear Jennifer! I found out a few years ago that the “ordinary days” truly are the “special days”…the days worth celebrating. What a difference it has made in my life. Snowy days have never been among my favorite days, especially if it was necessary for us to be onthe road. One snowy day when we were on the road I was getting so anxious because of thinking about the what ifs. The Lord spoke to my heart about just enjoying the beauty that was all around me…and the trees here in the mountains were absolutely gorgeous with their gowns of white. What a difference that has made for me…searching for the beauty in the every day…the ordinary…being intentional truly is where life becomes beautiful. Hugs to you and prayers for your intentional living.

  4. I like looking at snowy days, but not so much actually having to go out in the cold and experience them! It has been bitterly cold here this week, the wind chill factor has been harsh. No snow where I live but I think Scotland has had quite a snowfall.
    Keep warm!

  5. We are getting our first “big” snow of the year. We have 4ish inches and it is supposed to snow until tomorrow sometime. We’ll see what we end up with. I have actually done 3 posts on my blog this week, not even sure who I am anymore, LOL! My posts have been a bit random as well. I am glad you are choosing to celebrate the moments and not live life on hold. I feel like that is where I have been as well. I didn’t choose a word for this year, but I do feel nudges to have a “less pressured” year. I am going to do my best. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Hi Jennifer 🙂 Sometimes it’s hard to celebrate, when the year (or years) seem to bring trial after trial. That’s how the past few years have been in our life. But 2024 instantly felt different; like some kind of cloud lifted. I pray it continues to feel that way for you too 🙂 I’ve realized this year that I’m not a winter girl, at all. I’m over it. Done. I need the 70’s back ASAP 🙂 I was already a homebody. Now I’m basically a hermit 🙂 Or I’m hibernating. Either way…I’m staying inside.

    Have a wonderful week!

  7. I can’t imagine “feet” of snow…happens so rarely, here.
    It can be hard for some to find their joy in the middle of so many dark days…glad to see, you have!

  8. After my year of illness, I had the same inspiration to celebrate and embrace each day of life–and I have found (8 years later) that this spirit continues. Such a gift! Bless your 2024 journey.

  9. It always looks gorgeous but from a retiree’s point of view who keeps inside and doesn’t have to drive to work, and happily having the driveway and sidewalks shoveled thanks to an enterprising 14-year-old who did a great job. Thanks for the link. I shall check it out after I read this. May 2024 be the best for you. “Celebrate” is a great word!

  10. Hello, my friend. I appreciate your writing today. Please know I am learning to do the same: finding joy in the everyday. I pray you have peace and joy in this new year!

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