The Regretted Dessert

Sugar! Sugar! Everywhere…..have you ever noticed that sugar is in just about everything! Its unbelievable! I have recently begun to “give up” sugar and, let me tell you, it is a much bigger task than I originally imagined – mainly, because sugar is hidden in so many things. Getting sugar out of my diet is much more than ridding the pantry of cookies, cereal and other obvious sweets! BUT…I am trying.

And I am making good progress; however, last night I completely “fell off the, er, sugar truck”! And I felt miserable. After all the convincing myself that one dessert would be okay, I didn’t really enjoy it that much (believe it or not, it was too sweet) and, afterwards, I wasn’t happy – instead, I was so disappointed with myself and regretted my decision.

Funny….compromise is often like that. Of course, some situations in life demand compromise – but a lot of compromises simply are excuses to give in, or cross the line, or to give ourselves permission to do something we should not be doing. Those compromises always lead to regret.

Eating a truly too rich dessert is not the end of the world….but you can be sure I will remember that sticky sweet feeling of remorse when tempted with other areas of compromise – no thanks! You can’t have it both ways…and, for me – its a sugar-free (compromise free) life!!

8 thoughts on “The Regretted Dessert

  1. Bleh. I’m not giving up sugar but I can just imagine how you must have felt after that dessert! Great post and excellent point about compromise.
    I hope you will post again and let us know how giving up sugar is going!

  2. I don’t think I could survive without sugar…at least, SOME! I’m too much of a chocoholic to give it up completely! Good luck with sticking to your goals!

  3. Hang in there with giving up the sugar. I realized as of late I had become a sugarholic, so that was a must for me to cut out. It will be difficult w/ graduation parties this weekend.Great loss for week one, hang in there, and the sugar thing will get easier the more you resist. Have a great week. Jackie

  4. I need to give up sugar. SUGAR just loves me…so how can I let her go?????????

    I saw your comment over at the well, and though I would drop by and see what you were saying.


  5. Wow.. that’s a tall order! Even ketchup has sugar… it’s everywhere. But you’re certainly right about giving in to something that really isn’t good for you. In the end, it just makes you feel sick inside. The trick is to truly be able to remember that sick feeling (remember.. the pain of labor is erased pretty quickly, or everyone would have just one child!). I’m wishing you all the best in your quest for a sugar-free existence!

  6. I don’t think I could do it! Don’t be dissappointed with yourself ~ you are doing a great job! Sometimes we need to “fall off the wagon” so we know that is something we don’t want to do again. Just get right back up and get back on the wagon.
    Keep up the good work ~ you’ll reach your goal soon!
    Blessings to you my friend! :~}

  7. Great post for me to read on my first sugar-free day. I’ve actually gone sugar free several times and feel so much better, but then let it creep back in. Prayerfully this time will be better…no compromise. Thanks for the post.

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