Rejoice in the Lord Alway…..and again I say Rejoice!

THANKFUL THURSDAY……I hope it is a great Thursday for all my blogging friends:) There is no Friday with Friends tomorrow but hopefully I will be back on track next week. I so enjoy reading all your stories, thoughts and your comments!

Today is Ladies’ Day Out for me – always a good time! – and I’m on my way out…..but I do have a thankful heart this morning! Thank you, Lord, for

**a wonderful time with Jordan
**the peace that comes from knowing that he is in constant care – no matter where he may be stationed or serving
**my friendship with Paul and Nellie – and working so many details to allow them to move to assisted living closer to their daughter (give them much grace as they make this transition)
**JOY that is mine no matter what the circumstances (or how far away my boy goes!)

**sweet friends – and new friends
**dinner invitations for this weekend with new friends:)
**blogging friends, too!

I could go on – but I’m out of time! Have a wonderful day!!

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