Remember. Be Grateful. May 2017

Certainly one of the goals of this blog is to intentionally remember God’s goodness.  How easy it is to get caught in the routine of life and, before you know it, another week has gone by – or, just as quickly, an entire month comes to an end.  I believe, as Christians, we genuinely want to be grateful and we want to thank the Lord – to praise Him – for His many gifts; yet, so often we just don’t.  I know I’m guilty.

So, I want to look back over the month and see what God has done.  And not only remember – but to be grateful and to thank Him!  May was a mile-stone, of sorts, month for me.  Last week was my last day at work.  I have had the privilege of working at my church, and its Christian academy, for the last six years.

I worked there before Tyler became sick – until we had to begin homeschooling.  A few years after he died and I was emerging from the cocoon of grief, I found myself with too many empty hours on my hand.  I thought it would be wonderful to return to work – but my position had long since been filled and staff openings just did not become available often.

But God.

He knew exactly which position I needed.  The hours I could handle.  And where I could best serve.  He knew it all – even before I approached my pastor.  My new position was perfect for me.  And it has been a blessing for these past years.  My co-workers (who gave me the beautiful flowers), my part in the ministry, all of it.  I will certainly miss it.

So, why would I leave?  Without hesitation, I know God has told me it is time for a change.  Admittedly, I do not know all that involves or all that the future holds – but I am excited to found out.  To walk the future path where He leads – and I am confident the next “phase” ahead will be just as perfect as the past six years.

Thank you, Lord, for my church, my ministries there (which I will continue), my pastor and co-workers and for the years I was able to work there.

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