Birthday Boy

Remember my buddy?? Here we are at the recruiter’s office (located in the mall) just before he left for Basic Training!! Goodness, has it been seven weeks already?!

Yesterday….was his birthday! How very different not to give him a huge hug – or to jump him while he was still sleeping….and not to sing Happy Birthday terribly off-key as a family…and then we could have hid his gifts “Easter egg hunt” style! But we couldn’t even send him gifts…wow.

My sweet, little tow-head boy has surely become a man – one, I might add, that makes his momma so very proud! I pray that whatever he is doing this week (just one more work, Bud!)..the Lord will continue to protect and encourage him..and will give him an extra blessing for his birthday!

And, did I mention….only NINE more days ’til we leave for Texas for his graduation (not that anyone is counting!) I’ll be sure to “jump him” then!! Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!!

9 thoughts on “Birthday Boy

  1. Happy Birthday to your baby boy! You know he’ll always be your baby, regardless of how old he becomes! I can tell how proud you are of him, Jennifer, and rightly so!

  2. oh 9 days will fly by! you will be with him before you know it. you’ll have to tell him everyone from blogland wished him happy birthday too!

  3. That must be so hard on a momma. I don’t look forward to the day when I don’t have my children here, BUT I do look forward to watching God work in their lives.

    I hope you had a blessed and beautiful Easter celebration!


  4. Oh, and as I clicked on the picture and saw it closer up, I noticed that there is a J.Jill in the background! I LOVE that store! I don’t shop in there as much as I’d like to because, well, it’s not exactly cheap, but if I could, I’d almost shop there exclusively – it’s totally me!

  5. I know you are looking forward to seeing him soon! I sure miss mine when they are away. Hope he has had a happy birthday, and you will be there celebrating with him soon. Have a blessed day. Jackie

  6. Awww.. Happy Birthday to your son! I was gonna say boy.. but even though he'll always BE your boy, he isn't a boy. He's a man… and a fine one. You done good, Momma.. you done good. :<)

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