Riley Makes My Heart Happy!

THANKFUL THURSDAY….just a few of favorite things with Riley!! I am thankful for –

The Mickey Mouse Club!! and
especially for the Hot Dog Dance!!
I don’t watch a lot of tv and certainly don’t see much children’s tv,
but this show, The Mickey Mouse Club, is super cute!
Each episode ends with the Hot Dog Dance – so silly, so fun and
super cute when Miss Roo joins in!!
Riley says Mimi, Minnie, Mama and lots of other “M” words perfectly
but still squeals with delight when she sees her favorite mouse and cheers
“Nickey”!! Guess he will always be Nickey to her:)
Picnics at the zoo!!
and for chicken nuggets, too.
I suppose we had chicken nuggets when I was a kid –
but I’m tellin’ ya, there is a whole generation of kiddos
that would be literally starving these days
if it weren’t for chicken nuggets!
What is it about sleeping little ones that is so sweet?!?!

and Pigtails, too!!

9 thoughts on “Riley Makes My Heart Happy!

  1. Oh I love her pigtails! And all the other photos too- sooo cute! And don't they (grands) just melt your heart with their talking??!- Oh my…

    I'm curious now- I'm going to have to youtube the hot dog dance!:)

    Happy Thankful Thursday!
    Linda C

  2. Precious pictures, Jennifer. It is no surprise that she makes you happy! She is just adorable.

    A few weeks ago, you posted something about fasting. I have not read all this lady's entries on the subject, but thought of you when I saw her posts. (What I read was very interesting.) There are quite a few posts about fasting, so you may have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to get the first one, or even go to some of her older posts. The address is:

    See you tomorrow to help decorate!

  3. Hey Jennifer,

    Thanks for checking on me so much! It's just been busy in my world, and I couldn't find time to blog! I've actually just taken a job at my church, and we've been in transition mode. And, I'm about to publish my first Bible study.

    Thanks for your concern & prayers. I appreciate your kindness.

    And, Riley! What a cutie! I have a Riley too. But, he's a tall, handsome 17 year old boy!

    What made you decide on the name? Our's is a family name.

    Enjoy that cutie! Thanks for the pics. They made me smile today!


  4. Hi Jennifer…I was soo busy yesterday I didn't get around to the blogs like I usually do…I LOVE your pictures of your little sweetie. Those pigtails are adorable. Soo cute. I am soo happy that you are getting to enjoy her. Have a WONDERFUL Mother's Day my friend. Love you, Debbie

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