September Writing Challenge: INTENTION and EXPLORE

Well, just like that I missed the boat of successfully blogging for an entire week.  While not exactly joining the IG Hopewriters Challenge (a bit of a challenge in itself since I don’t have an Instagram), I was hoping to use the daily prompts and put my thoughts together for five straight days.  I made it one day.  Oy vey.  But, I did have the best of intention….

Rather funny.  Intention was yesterday’s prompt and, ironically, I had planned to expand on my rather negative opinion of that little phrase.  The best of intention.  Typically, I roll my eyes when I hear it.  At the very least, inwardly…..because it is almost certainly followed by an excuse.  Sometimes a valid excuse but, more often than not, a rather lame excuse.  And we seem to validate our failure to follow through or to accomplish some goal or plan with the thought that, at least, we had good intentions.

I agree I might be exaggerating a bit.  And I’m sure there are examples to the contrary – where our best intention was actually the best we could do.  But, for me, having the intention to do something simply isn’t enough.  The intention to exercise or to lose fifteen pounds.  To stop procrastinating or to use my free time better.  To keep in touch with overseas friends more or, dare I say, to blog for an entire week.  All of these things – and more! – take an actual plan.  A way that I am going to make it happen.  They take effort and commitment.  And that effort requires choices.  Most things require choices, by the way.  When I make a choice to do something that will change, or even derail, my plans or my progress toward a goal, it is simply that.  My choice.

My intention yesterday was to blog.  Yesterday was also my anniversary and my husband and I spent the day exploring (if you know today’s prompt, you will see what I just did there).  I had planned to blog before we left but chose to enjoy a slow morning over coffee with my husband before we headed out.  For several hours, I was frustrated with myself that I had not gotten my post finished.  It was beginning to interrupt my enjoying the day.  So silly, but true.  But there was no reason to make excuse for my decision.  For yesterday’s decision or any choices.  Once I make them, I simply own them.  And poor choices cannot be validated with the best intentions.

Postponing yesterday’s thoughts and rolling them into today’s post was definitely not a poor choice.  It was wonderful – as was our day!  We explored some antique shops, had a delicious Thai lunch (our favorite), browsed an Amish market, and just enjoyed the country back roads.  More exploring:)  So thankful for another milestone to recall all God’s goodness and faithfulness to us for over three decades!  Recently I read this post by Theresa (her story is hysterical!) and thought of it repeatedly as I wandered by and down the aisles of an antique mall.  My, how our opinions and perspectives have changed through the years.  We still enjoy the browsing but it really is a challenge to find a treasure that “just has to come home with us.”  Some of it is cool.  Some things bring back fond memories.  But, a lot it really is just old junk!!:)

5 thoughts on “September Writing Challenge: INTENTION and EXPLORE

  1. A year or so ago (on an old blog), I participated in a month-long writing challenge. I got 18 days into it, and then I bowed out. There is more to my life than writing on my computer! And I see that for you as well. Loving your husband and spending quality time with him was the truly important thing for yesterday. I’m glad you had a great time. And happy anniversary!!

  2. Jennifer, this was a great post. Though you had intentions of blogging yesterday, I believe you used your time far better by spending the day with your husband. I am not a huge fan of that phrase either. But, when you add an -al to intention, that adds a difference nuance. Being intentional is a choice. When we are intentional about what we’re doing (or not doing), that’s a good thing . . . right? 🙂

    I enjoyed your post friend. And, as for writing every day, there’s grace for those days when more important opportunities arise. 🙂

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