September Writing Challenge: QUIET

There is something so unique about the early hours of the morning.  Something alluring about the earliest sun rays and the gentle stirring of a new day.  The peace and, yes, the quiet.  God has met me on many such mornings and has even done several incredible – and powerful – things for me in those early hours of daybreak.  I think those memories are much of the reason that I am continually drawn to mornings.  I love to soak in the quiet.  To be still and listen for my Heavenly Father.

Some of my seasons of life required me to rise extra early in order to enjoy the solitude.  To rise and shine, as they say, before the demands of children and a household were in full swing.  But every hour of extra sleep sacrificed was so well rewarded.  These days I can, truthfully, slip out from the cocoon of my covers whenever I choose.  However, most mornings (every morning, if I am honest) I am up with those rays of daylight.  The house no longer gets busy – and loud – but, if I am not careful, the hours can quickly slip away and I do not want to miss my quiet time.  Time in the word.  Time in prayer.  And time with the Lord.

The phrase “early in the morning” is found repeatedly throughout the Bible.  So many mountaintop experiences, so many important decisions, and so many practical examples and patterns to follow can be found in accounts that begin “early in the morning.”  Mark 1:35  tells us even Jesus “…in the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed.”  What a beautiful example for me.  To find the solitary place before the day and to meet Him there.  In the quiet.

5 thoughts on “September Writing Challenge: QUIET

  1. I love the quiet of each morning! My favorite thing to do is to be up before the sun so that I can soak in that stillness and spend time with the Lord. Did you ever see the movie The War Room? The lady in real life whom they based Clara on said about the morning that she felt like the Lord was calling to her to come and sit with Him. Isn’t that beautiful? One of my new favorite things about everyone being gone all day is the freedom I have to pray on and off and out loud throughout the day. Are you doing the Hope Writers writing challenge? I love this prompt!

  2. I am not a morning person, but I am always so blessed when I get up early and have some quiet time with the Lord before starting my day. There is always the temptation to sleep in (or to go back to bed if I’ve gotten up with my husband), but I am always glad when I resist that temptation.

    Patti @ Leaving a Legacy

    1. Patti, So glad you stopped by this morning! A nice blessing for me this morning! I can’t imagine “not being a morning person”…because that implies a night owl – oh boy, which I definitely am not!! LOL I hope you have a wonderful day!

        1. 8 to 8 person! Love that:) My kids would say I’m a 7 to 7 person (ha!) but that makes me sound like a preschooler!:)

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