Share Four Somethings: August 2021

Time for another month’s edition of Share Four Somethings.– which means another month has come and (almost) gone.  This also means my son, Jordan, has already come…and gone.  Sigh.  And, it also means we are in the thick of August which, around here, means parched gardens (um, parched people), lawns scorched by relentless heat, as well as lots of humidity and an appreciation for the scattered afternoon thunderstorms.  Perhaps we will get one today!?  Of course, if I head into any store – grocery store, home goods store, or even a gas station – hints of fall are everywhere.  Let the Pumpkin Spice season begin!  I’m actually not a huge PSL fan (don’t hate me) but I do enjoy the season and so I embrace the motto:) But, before I get ahead of myself, let’s look back at August…and share a few things.  Four things, to be exact:)

Something Loved.   Four girlfriends and I were able to enjoy a short “girls getaway” earlier this month.  We went to the Lancaster, PA area.  That part of the country is just as beautiful in the summer as it is any other time of year.  How all the fields, gardens and yards are still so vivid green is a mystery to me…but, truly, that area does something magical to my soul.  It is just so relaxing – and so different from where I live, although less than a three-hour drive.  We stayed in a huge VRBO..which was nice but not amazing.  I had hoped for amazing and was a bit disappointed but, in the end, it really did not matter.  We had a great time!  Yes, Lancaster you can thank us for our generous contribution to your economy!!

Side note – my friends are already hinting/hoping/planning on my putting together our next trip.  Oh boy.  I would love some ideas of great spots to visit along the middle of the East Coast.

Something Read…..or, this month, Something Heard.  Listened to…as in, joined a zoom meeting.  I know that seems like nothing to most but I think I have tried exactly one other zoom meeting in my life and had decided that was plenty for me.  However, Jennifer at Overflowing with Thankfulness invited her blog-reading friends to join her ladies’ group at church for Bible study.  She lives in Tennesse…so, obviously, I would need to join by zoom.  Originally, I thought I would simply be getting a video of the session but they were so gracious to make everything – even the small group discussions – available by zoom.  Which was wonderful but, honestly, I almost bowed out.  What do I find so imitating about zoom??  I’m glad I did not bow out.  It has been too long since I have been able to attend Bible study.  And I love women’s Bible studies!!  Yesterday morning was wonderful.  We are studying Esther and, yesterday, we spent the morning looking at Queen Vashti.  How often have you done that?  When you think of studying Esther, don’t you usually jump right past the queen who refused (and set the whole story rolling) and straight to beautiful Esther?  Or is that just me?  I was not able to get the book that goes along with the study but I have my Bible:) so I am going to enjoying digging right in!! Thanks so much, Jennifer

Another side note.  A funny one.  I was ready and excited yesterday morning.  Even logged in early.  I patiently waited the extra five or ten minutes (which gave me plenty of time to check and recheck that my camera was off and all the settings were correct – oy vey!)  And then I waited some more.  And some more…until I thought perhaps it was not going to happen.  Before I completely threw in the towel, I had a lightbulb moment.  Tennessee is one of those “special” states that have multiple time zones!  Sure enough….Jennifer (and her church) are not in my time zone.  So, I patiently waited another whole hour until the correct 9:30 start time!  It was well worth it.

Something Treasured.   A month with Jordan here.  We had a great visit.  My brother also came into town for an extra-long weekend while Jordan was here.  Along with my daughter (who lives in the area) that is about the extent of my family.  So, we were all together which does not happen often enough and, really, is a good time.  We did another escape room.  We managed to escape – barely but we did it!  So people are really good at those escape rooms.  We are not those people.  But, we sure do have fun!!  There was plenty of hiking, which I mentioned earlier – and even more laughing, talking and solving all of the world’s problems.  Well, maybe not.  Jordan is settling in, getting adjusted, and already listening to snow forecasts (up on the mountain) in Alaska.  He also spotted a moose on his path while walking to Walmart(!?)  He will be there for a year.  Extra glad we had a whole month of him at home!

Something Ahead.   September!  We have several family birthdays in September as well as our anniversary.  If asked what my favorite month is…I will always choose September!  As I always do, I’m looking forward to this next turn of the calendar!  Here’s to another beautiful month ahead.

September… where fall and summer meet. ~Will Wallace Harney

Some of the rarest days of the year come in September, days when it is comfortably cool but pulsing with life. ~Hal Borland

12 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings: August 2021

  1. I’ll raise my hand too as not a huge pumpkin spice fan. (Can we say that out loud? lol) I got to do a girls’ getaway this month too to the beach at Gulf Shores, Alabama! There were supposed to have been 4 of us, but one found out at 8am that she had covid (we were supposed to pick her up at 8:15am!). We really, really missed her, but were very thankful she found out before we left. She thought it was just allergies and was going to go on the trip. She and her husband ended up getting very sick but are now recovering, thank God.

    Glad you got a month with Jordan before he had to Alaska. I could never take the cold there. 🙂 But I do want to visit one day. Hope you have a great anniversary in September. Our 29th anniversary is September 4.

    1. Oh, our anniversaries are close! Happiest (early) wishes to you!! Enjoy – and celebrate (just not with a PSL!!) So glad I’m not alone!

  2. Great post! I too am not a huge fan of pumpkin pie! How awesome you visited Lancaster County, PA, that’s where I live!!! So much to love here. And the ZOOM Bible study sounds fabulous, one thing of the many positives coming out of the pandemic is ZOOM get togethers. ZOOM has enabled us to do things we would not be able to do otherwise! (Loved the funny story too, been there before!)

    1. I have to admit – I’m just a bit jealous of anyone living in Lancaster County! I hope you enjoy it every day!!:)

  3. How nice that you could have that girls getaway! Lancaster PA is about an hour away from me, and yes, it is beautiful any time of year. Glad you also enjoyed some good family time – that is always to be treasured!

    1. Oh my, can only imagine how lovely it must be to live in that area!! You are right – good family time is just the best!

  4. A girl’s getaway sounds heavenly and one day that will be a season I will happily partake in! While I didn’t have a girl’s getaway, I did get to visit my best friend and her family in VA, she is my sister-friend, so it was a great weekend! So thankful you had time with your family.

    1. A visit with your best friend sounds pretty special, too….and in Virginia! Yes, I’m in Virginia! Hope you came before it become so incredibly hot!! Phew –

    1. He is working with AmeriCorps – working in the public defender’s office in Anchorage. We sure are hoping to get in a visit!

  5. Oh, hope you can go up for a visit to Alaska. I have always wanted to take a cruise and have about decided an Alaskan cruise might be the best kind. I love the beach but want to be able to spend time on the beach and not just have an afternoon there when the cruise ship docks for a bit. However, I will gladly take a cruise anywhere and anyway I can get it.

    Sounds like a good Bible study. I think I have done two online studies. Funny about the time difference. I am a Tennessee gal so know exactly where the time zone changes.

    1. I did not realize you were a Tennessee gal! I learned something today – how fun!! Now I am curious how long you have been in Texas? Do you consider yourself a Texas girl now??:)

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