Share Four Somethings: August 2023

Welcome to Friday…and not just the close of another week but another month coming to an end as well.  A bit hard to believe but, yes fall is just around the corner!  The last Friday of the month and that means it is time for Jennifer’s link-up and this month’s Share Four Something post.  As always, I’ll post today but the link-up is not until tomorrow.  Read everyone’s post here.  I’m just back from getting ice cream (holding onto summer as long as possible!) and will be getting sleepy before I know it, so let’s get this post going….

Something I Loved

A few things I loved this month:  celebrating my brother’s birthday; a day in Georgetown with Jordan; the Junior Church kiddos singing “Jesus, Others and You” on a Sunday morning not long ago; celebrating our teens at church headed off to college for the first time; catching up with friends who recently moved away but were in town; wearing my wig less and less in public; soaking in Vitamin D while having breakfast every morning on the patio; playing Bunco with a new group of friends; the crisp, fresh air in the mornings; being able to keep the back door open for a bit on these beautiful mornings; and Saturday mornings at the farmer’s market!

Something I Read

Just for the record, last month, I mentioned reading this book: Eat Right 4 Your Type (the Blood Type Diet Solution) by Dr. Peter D’Adamo.  I had just recently “discovered” this diet/lifestyle book and was so completely intrigued.  I think I mentioned it several times throughout the month and I had a few readers ask me about it.  The more I read and the more I explored/dug in, the more frustrated I became.  Without belaboring the point, not only are there multiple updates and reworkings of these books and the studies that back them up, but each update seems to (no, clearly) contradict the previous information.  So much conflicting information.  That said, I do not recommend this book any longer.  Lesson learned.

I did, however, read one book this month that I enjoyed and would recommend.  It was just for fun…and did not “inspire” me to try and change my entire life – lol!  It was a Betty White memoir entitled, If You Ask Me (and, of course, You Won’t).  I enjoy an autobiography much more than a biography.  This one was an easy read and was very much like a great conversation.  Have you ever considered the question:  which celebrity or other “famous person” would you invite to dinner if you could? This book reads as if you were enjoying a leisurely dinner with Betty White.  It was super enjoyable.

Something I Learned

Chick Fil A just seems to be on a roll with announcements and, um, changes.  They announced a new take on their good ole, classic never fails chicken sandwich.  (Why??)  They are introducing (and I quote) a “Chick Fil A topped with pimento cheese and mild pickled jalapenos….served on a toasted bun drizzled with honey.”  Please tell me…does that sound good?  Pimento cheese and jalapenos?!  I’m not sure what is happening at chicken headquarters.  Just so you know, and perhaps you like something new….this fall’s milkshake will be a caramel crunch shake made with butterscotch and caramel syrups and blondie crumbles.  And a cherry, of course.  By the way, is it pronounced care-ah-mel or car-mel??  In your opinion.  Do tell.

Something I Ate

I finally ventured into the fun world of sheet pan meals.  With all the delicious veggies we have been getting at the farmer’s market, it seemed like a natural choice.  I really did not look up recipes (although there are millions out there – all supposedly unique and original but saying the exact same thing!) but just cut up vegetables, threw them on a pan with oil and some seasoning.  Voila, dinner.  Much like this photo but with NO tomatoes.  There’s a way to ruin your sheet pan dinner!  Sans tomatoes, I can see what everyone loves about them.  Super easy and tasty, too.

I also (finally!) tried overnight oats.  I mentioned that earlier this month.  Yes, I am way late to this foodie craze as well.  I tend to be woefully late to most new crazes.  (I should have been a bit slower with that whole eat for your blood type thing!)  Nevertheless, overnight oats are delicious.  As in my new favorite thing in the morning.  Way better than my coffee which is quickly losing its appeal.  Not sure what is up with coffee, but I really do not enjoy it very much.  At least, not at home.  A nice cup of coffee after dinner in a restaurant still sounds great.  Will I give up coffee?  Who knows.  This posts make for good reference points down the road and I will have to check back in a few months.  If you make a great cup of coffee, let me know.  What makes the prefect cup – and which brand of coffee do you use?  As always, thanks for stopping by.  I hope you will visit again next week.

15 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings: August 2023

  1. Lots of good stuff, Jennifer! Your things “loved” all sound lovely. I agree about autobiographies being better than biographies. Glad you enjoyed the one that you read. Sheet pan meals are on my radar for next year when we are empty nesters. The one in the nest does not like “mushy” veggies so I don’t make sheet pan meals now. I like coffee like you like tomatoes so I cannot help you on the coffee front! Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for all the info and suggestions! I love Betty White. I watch her on old reruns of Match Game. I do love sheet pan dinners! I hope you have a cozy weekend…the last of August?!?!

  3. I loved Betty’s book too! I tried reading/ skimming through the blood type diet but since I have no clue what my blood type is it was kind of hard to get real deep meaning from it (and now I’m glad I didn’t as I can’t believe the different editions and things contradict themselves– that is very frustrating!).

    I have only ever eaten a chick fil a once and we weren’t impressed but that milkshake does sound yummy (and we pronounce it care a mel in our house)

  4. i’m with you on the Chick-Fil-A thing and the sheet pan craze, too. I love the idea of everything being on one pan with foil … no clean up. it’s amazing how good everything tastes as the flavors meld.


  5. SO ready for Fall! Tired of 110* days and 82* nights!
    Loved Betty White…no one did zingers like she did!
    Yeah! What’s up with ChickFilA??? No! That sandwich sounds horrible…and a big no to that malted thing.
    And my hubby roast our own beans…We use a Jura coffee maker (Love It!) and it’s wonderful! Restaurant coffee…the good stuff…is hard to find!
    You can also sprinkle some salt on top of your grounds if it taste too acidic. Salt smooths out the taste. Of course, it could be your water. Try bottled water.
    Big hugs

  6. I really admire Betty White.. and would probably really enjoy her auto biography. The milkshake looks beyond!!! On my list for this fall! I don’t usually eat there ( I’m a vegan) but thee grandkids love the place- so we will be going!!

  7. I’m with you on the new chicken sandwich (I still miss the chicken salad sandwich they got rid of). But I feel like the milkshake is probably going to be good. I kind of went off coffee for a while too. I can’t really tolerate the caffeine the way I used to. But lately I’ve been doing half caf with real cream and it’s been lovely.

  8. I just checked, our closest Chick Fil A is 235 miles away in Cheyenne Wyoming. I do not think I would drive there for that chicken sandwich but I might for a Car-Mel shake!

    1. Over 200 miles would be a bit much for a sandwich!? But, yes you are right…for the perfect milkshake? Maybe:)

  9. The veggie dish looks scrumptious, Jennifer! What type of seasoning do you put on your veggies? We looked into the Blood Type diet when it first came out, but as you said, it gave conflicting advice and lacked clear communication, so we never embarked on the journey. I wonder if the various medications changed your taste buds. (?) It is a possibility and might be the reason why you no longer enjoy coffee. The good aspect of it is that you are embarking on new eating and drinking endeavors which can be fun! Happy taste-testing explorations!

    1. Lisa, I never really considered that…but perhaps my taste has been altered. Permanently?? Interesting thought. Thanks!

  10. Oh, so glad you mentioned Betty White’s book. I am going to look into it in just a sec. Thank you. I am sure it is quite entertaining. Probably like a long conversation with my mom!!

    I agree with you about the diet fads. Atkins, South Beach, all this talk about protein. If I just would eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full, eat some greens, some fruit, some protein and everything else in moderation, I would be at my best weight. If only… I have the very best luck with Weight Watchers but just need to get back to tracking. Wonder how many times I can say that before I finally get started again. Just 8 pounds would make my heart sing.

    I think Chick-Fil-a is trying to compete with all the places that are adding jalapeños to their sandwiches. I like spicy and I like pimento cheese and I like honey but not sure I want all of that on my chicken sandwich. Need to try it though.

  11. I like Betty White and added her book to my TBR 🙂 I look forward to eventually reading it! I am enjoying the book Dirty Genes by Dr. Ben Lynch, it’s about allergies and stuff (I recently found the name to my allergy issues I have had for YEARS=histamine intolerance). So, I have been reading and researching a lot of allergy related books as well, including changing my whole life too, LOL! I enjoy the Market Brand (Target) light roast vanilla coffee. I used to put 2 tablespoons of oat milk (dropped it) and enough maple syrup to cover the bottom of my coffee cup and it was good. I am pleased I can tolerate it without the milk too. Other than light roast coffee is just too bitter/acidic for me. I need to catch up on your other posts as well. Hope you are feeling good and continuing to heal. Have a great weekend!

    1. I have never tried maple syrup in my coffee. This is something I should try – thanks! Hope you are feeling better every day!

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