Share Four Somethings: December 2023

It really does not feel like we are at the end of the month but, in my mind, Christmas signals the end of December.  Not sure what the entire extra week before January means to my brain but, truth be told, Christmas is literally days away.  Ready or not…here it comes!  We are ready over here:)  I’m looking forward to several special days and events (including the long awaited children’s Christmas program!) over the next few days!  But, before I get ahead of myself, I thought I would take one last chance to wish everyone here a very merry holiday!  However you spend the next few days, I pray you are healthy and filled with hope (and joy!) as you consider the birthday of our savior!!

I am not sure what posting next week will look like for me.  I have nothing prepared in advance (definitely not a blog professional!) and I will simply wait and see how the days play out…and if there is time for writing next week.  If not, this will be the end before 2024…what??  That really does sound hard to believe!  I will end with my monthly Share Four Somethings.  I am assume there will be a link-up.  If so, I will link it here in a few days.  Enough chatter…. let’s get started with Share Four Somethings for December….

Something loved.  The Pops Orchestra earlier this month was a highlight, for sure.  I have also enjoyed several holiday themed events/days out which have made the holiday cheer last all month.  (Surprisingly, I am not completely exhausted.  Yet.)  Earlier this week, my husband and I drove out to Lucketts, a small, but quaint, one stoplight town about an hour from here.  The antique stores and other shops were brimming with holiday treasures and all things cute!  We found several Christmas gifts…as well as a few fun things for ourselves!!

A few extra things I’ve loved this month:  having my husband and daughter join me in the kitchen for an entire evening of cookie baking; celebrating my husband’s birthday at a new to us restaurant; helping our friend celebrate his 90th birthday; an afternoon of paint your own pottery with the family; and watching the costumes come together for our program in a few days.  Last night at church they were showing me angel wings with glitter and treasure boxes for wisemen. They are all having such fun!!

Something read. Yesterday, I checked out five, fun Christmas fictions from the library.  I’m looking forward to some lighthearted reading…especially under a beautiful new throw that I was gifted earlier this week.  Lighthearted reading aside, I am still reading this Advent devotional during my Bible time each morning.  It continues until the end of the month.  This one was new to me this year but it could become a yearly read.  The daily thoughts revolve around a theme/word/prompt for the day but these prompts are unique – certainly not what you would expect for an Advent reading.  They have definitely had me thinking….and often thinking outside the box.

Something learned.   Just one of several quotes I have written down during this month…from the devotional mentioned above.  “…we convince ourselves that our wants are our needs, and when we do, we judge the love of God and others by their willingness to deliver them.”  Convicting truth.  Powerful thought and much to meditate on – especially during this season.

Something eaten.  Well, it certainly has not been anything that fits with the sugar-free living??  Oh my.  Where has all my self-control and discipline gone??  Don’t get me wrong…it has been a delicious past few weeks but, oh my!  Last week, we made four different (and new to us) cookie recipes and two candy recipes.  These were for making trays and baskets to share – which we did – but there was more than enough sampling and taste-testing done as well.  I mean, obviously, you can’t share a cookie (especially a new recipe) without first guaranteeing it’s deliciousness.  Someone had to step up the plate and fill that role!!:)


I would say my favorite (although all cookies are amazing!) was this Molasses Ginger cookie that I found on this blog.  Not only was I glad to find the recipe but I also have enjoyed the blog….and her YouTube channel.  Oh my, these cookies were tasty.  And why wouldn’t they be?  The first ingredient is 3 sticks of butter!  Three.  Oy vey!

As always, thanks for sticking with me to the end.  I sure would love to know what yummy treat you have enjoyed this month:)  Have you tried a new recipe that was a real winner?  I’d be willing to sample and try all new recipes.  Just to be a help, of course:)  Again, I hope you have a beautiful Christmas weekend!!  Merriest wishes to everyone!

10 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings: December 2023

  1. It sounds like you’ve already had a fun month. I’d love to know what the books are you got to read. I just went to the library yesterday and picked up a book, but it is definitely light-hearted Christmas. I need to get out on Libby and find one for myself. I think I would really enjoy a Pops Orchestra concert. I just told hubby earlier, I miss seeing a live Christmas play.

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family, my friend! You are right in assuming there will be a link-up next week. It hardly seems possible that it’ll be at the end of the year. Like you said, ready or not, here it comes! I loved reading about your wonderful and delicious month. I feel the same, regarding all the food I’ve eaten! Yikes. I’ll need to jump back on the bandwagon ASAP after the new year!

  3. Sounds like a fun week coming up! I hope you and your family have a wonderful, relaxing Christmas! I am with you, my discipline for eating right went out the window!! I am not too thrilled with myself, but trying to give grace and get back to healthy eating! Merry Christmas!

  4. It sounds like you´ve had some good, festive times recently. Hope that fun continues! Your desserts sound really good. I making a trifle for the first time ever for Christmas Eve. I am excited to try something new. And the recipe seems pretty foul proof and consists of only items that I like.

  5. Ohhhh I love Lucketts!! I’ve still never made it during the holidays but my friends tell me it’s so cute. I’d love to go to one of the holiday markets one year. I love that devotional and I totally agree – it gets me thinking about things that aren’t “typical” for Christmas which is why I like it so much. It really helps me keep my focus on Jesus! Your December sounded lovely and I hope you’ve been able to stay healthy with all these sicknesses going around!

  6. I like your Something Learned – that’s something to ponder, for sure. I have done very little baking this holiday season – almost none, now that I think about it! I had planned to bake a couple things for our New Years party today, but it’s bedtime and I still haven’t done it, so guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow! Hope you have a very happy New Year!

  7. That last week between Christmas and New Years always feels like such a weird limbo to me. I am definitely feeling like we have overloaded on sugar too and know I need to cut back once again but I also think that’s a bit of what the holidays are all about. I’m just glad that I’m starting to get sick of all the sugar and am turning more and more of it down. Wishing you and your family a very happy new year!

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