Share Four Somethings: February 2022

Time for another edition of Share Four Somethings – the monthly link-up where we share four thoughts related to Heather’s four prompts:  something loved, something gleaned, something braved and something achieved.  The link-up is technically not until this weekend but I needed to get my post finished earlier and decided to go ahead and share.  I’ll link up on Saturday…and that is when you can read everyone’s reflections on this month of February.  February has been a mixed bag sort of a month. Weather-wise of course (especially the weather) and in lots of other ways.  It is a month that typically drags for me but this one has not been too bad.  Nevertheless, I am ready to turn the calendar!  Only a few more days.  Until then, let’s look back at these past pink and red-filled weeks:)

Something Loved

Saturdays.  Now that is something I never thought I would say and, if I’m honest, I am not 100 percent loving them (Saturdays have always been my least favorite day.  I know…go figure) but they have gotten a lot better.  We decided to try and make Saturdays fun again.  Again, as in we were remembering how Saturdays used to be reserved for family fun days.  Yes, way back in the day when life’s schedule was much more regimented into weekdays and weekends.  In this season of life, all the days can quickly become the same.  Our solution…bring back the weekend and, more specifically, look forward to some fun on Saturdays.  We have a list of local spots and cute places that we have either never visited or it has been way too long since our last visit.

We recently discovered this super cute coffee shop.  Not only was the coffee delicious but the decor was eclectic and fun….and the homemade muffins were amazing.  We stayed far too long but then walked the sidewalks outside and stumbled upon a cute vintage shop.  Ah, so much better than “just another Saturday…which looks so much like Thursday…etc etc.”!!

Something Gleaned

Earlier this month I had the privilege to share a few thoughts at our monthly ladies’ meeting.  My thoughts stemmed from a devotional that I had read earlier from Jill Briscoe.  I receive her devotionals in my inbox every morning and I really look forward to them.  If you are not familiar with Jill, she is a British American author, editor, and speaker. You can find her site here.  I could listen to her teach for hours.  Not only do I love her beautiful British accent but she is entertaining (without being silly) as well as wise.  Her devotional entitled “You Don’t Kill a Giant Everyday” really impacted me and I shared a few of her thoughts as well as some of my own takeaways.

Yes, life is full of great days – huge high days – and other not-so-great days – or even super low days.  But, truthfully, most of our days are lived somewhere in the middle.  Those “in-between” days and what we do and how we live on those days really matters.  The “in-between” days are not for simply coasting or for becoming complacent – even lazy.  No, these are the days that we prepare for the next test, trial, or even the giant that is ahead.  And how we have spent our time on those “in-between” days often determines if we are victorious.  Or completely defeated.

Something Braved

Okay, this category continues to perplex me.  Apparently, I just am not that brave.  As I thought on it – and then thought some more – I realize just how often I choose the path of least resistance.  And I want to change that.  Old dog or not, I believe I can do better.  Can change – and learn some new tricks!


While considering the idea of being brave, I came across this quote:  “Instead of looking at the hundreds of reasons to quit, look at the thousands of reasons not to give up.”  Ah, even more, perhaps even better inspiration.  I really am inspired (and a bit humbled) by the idea that “being brave” is refusing to quit.  Refusing to try and/or to move forward.  It is refusing to live resigned (as in, “it will always be this way.”)  After many decades of life, I can easily convince myself that is the case.  But now is not the time to quit or to give up….but to live brave!

Something Achieved

As I mentioned, February is not the best of months for me.  Winter typically gets the best of me by the time the year’s shortest month arrives and productivity is usually at its lowest.  I feel like I achieved very little.  I did manage to get all the winter decor put away.  Winter decor is a polite way to say remaining holiday decor.  It is all safely tucked in its bins once again.  That feels good.  I also got the ball rolling on plans for celebrating my birthday – and taking a trip.  I’ve mentioned several times here how much I would like to get away for my milestone birthday in a couple of months.  And I did more than just talk about – or just hope that it happens.  Plane tickets are being purchased as I type.  I am more than a little excited!!

I hope you have something that you are excited about and/or that you are looking forward to in the next few months.  Maybe a trip….or just discovering a “new to you” local spot?  The planning.  The anticipating.  And the fresh coffee:)  It all really helps while we wait for winter to finally bid farewell.  Share your thoughts in the comments.  I love to hear from you.  And don’t forget to check out the rest of the posts on Saturday.

23 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings: February 2022

  1. What a great post! I love that little coffee shop and that you and the Mister are trying something new on Saturdays. I also love that you’re planning a birthday trip! I can’t wait to hear more about this. I am also perplexed by the “braving” category. I hope you’re having a good week, my friend!

  2. How wonderful to plan a trip! I hope everything goes smoothly for your trip/ birthday plans. I’m glad you’re liking Saturdays again. It sounds like you’re starting to view them as “fun family days” even if the family that’s having fun is smaller than in days of yore :).

  3. Jennifer, hi! Yes, we’ve been trying to set aside one day a week to visit a local town or area we’re not familiar with. It’s been so much fun to discover new vistas and taste new food. I always return home feeling like a new person.

    See you on Saturday!

  4. Laughing at your “something braved” statement about “apparently, I am just not that brave.” lol. I feel the same, Jennifer! But sometimes doing anything feels very brave, so maybe I’m braver than I think because I still do things. 🙂

    Good for you in planning your trip! We’ve not gone hardly anywhere the past two years, so it’s been fun to actually book a few little trips for the next few months. My husband retires in April (oh boy!) so I’ll need him to have things to do. 🙂

  5. Jennifer, loved your post, especially about making Saturdays fun again. I don’t typically like Saturdays either, because with my demanding job and writing committments, Saturdays are FILLED to the brim with chores. A total drag. BUT you have inspired me to look for one thing I can do to add some fun back in.
    The something Brave category trips me up too, until I thought about it not being so much about “brave” in the sense of warrior brave, but brave in the sense of leaning into something uncomfortable, unpleasant or just plain hard [for me] to do. I love the quote you shared!

    1. Great way to look at that “something brave” – and I am going to purpose to lean into a few challenges this next month!! Thanks for stopping by, Donna!

  6. The brave category is very hard and one I struggle with as well…although this month I did something brave (for me!). I love your idea of making Saturdays fun again, I think we should adopt that as well, especially when our kiddos are not working! I hope you have a great month!

    1. Thanks, Cindy! So looking forward to getting out and about more in this next month! Hooray for doing something brave!!

  7. Ah yes, ‘old fashioned’ Saturdays! That’s something my husband and I have been trying to do over the past couple of years – DO something interesting on Saturdays at least a couple times a month. We call it Super Saturdays!

  8. I’m glad you’ve been able to plan a trip for your birthday. It is so good to be able to begin planning things like that again after the last two years of disruption. I love the idea of doing something to make Saturdays special, but also the quote that points out that the “in-between” ordinary days are also important.

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