Share Four Somethings: January 2022

Share Four Somethings.  Without a doubt, this is my favorite link-up.  I like the unique prompts.  I like the community that participates.  And I really like the end of the month reflections – not exactly a monthly “recap” (which I plan to do next Friday so join me again) – but certainly a look back at the last few weeks.  But, with a twist:)  And, this year Heather, the host of Share Four Somethings, has switched up the prompts a bit – three are brand new.  I like that, too.  Keeping it fresh and fun.  If you haven’t joined before, you can check it out here.  The link actually goes up tomorrow (always the fourth Saturday) so there is still time to get your thoughts ready.  But, enough rambling.  Let’s jump right in.

Something Loved

I have really enjoyed the slow start to the new year.  I made several goals and some resolutions earlier this month and, typically, I hit the ground running as soon as the new calendar flips.  But this year has been a bit more gentle.  I could say I blame my husband but, actually, I can thank him.  Now that he has retired, there is a much simpler rhythm to our days.  Not that we actually planned it that way….it has just evolved.  I resisted it at first – and still do in some ways if I am honest – but I am beginning to better appreciate it and I’ve really noticed just how refreshing it can be.  Not only refreshing but necessary.  After the holidays, a pace that allows us to refuel and refresh has been wonderful.

Something Gleaned

We have been studying the miracles of Jesus in Sunday school.  The healings, the feeding of thousands, the walking on the water.  All the great stories – and ones that we’ve heard since we became a Christian (or even before!)  But I love how, every Sunday, there is something new and fresh even in the most familiar story.  I will admit, I am not always at my finest during the Sunday school hour (just being honest) but this study has been great.  There have actually been a few “aha” moments for me!

Let me share an example.  It may not be “aha” for you, but might give you cause to ponder.  Thinking about the lame man who was brought to Jesus by four friends….and then had to be let down through the roof in order for him to actually get to Jesus.  His four friends had faith.  Faith seen not only in their real concern for their friend but also in their genuine belief that Jesus was the answer.  Yes, they had faith.  But that faith alone was not enough.  In order for the lame man to be healed, those four friends needed faith that compelled them to action.  Just as my faith needs to compel me.  And, the more my faith deepens, the more I should be compelled.  I simply will not be able to “do nothing” when so many need to get to Jesus.

Something Braved

This is a new prompt/category.  It is a chance to acknowledge (rather than gloss over) the harder parts of the month or, perhaps, share a struggle that we faced.  It is a great idea.  We really can benefit from and be encouraged by others’ life challenges – and how they brave them.  I must admit this month has been a quiet one.  A simple one and one without any real challenges for me.  I will say that several close to me have started this year with difficult diagnoses and/or big heartaches.  My heart hurts for all of them.  And I am especially grateful for the good health that my husband and I both have.  We never want to take it for granted.

Something Achieved

Well, that last paragraph was a bit heavy – and this might be a silly way to end, but I will just think of it as a bit more light-hearted.  Two of my big goals for this month were getting back onto the sugar-free train (which completely derailed in December -ugh) and getting outside every single day.  It has not been a perfect month but I would say that I am well on my way to a big checkmark on both of those boxes!!  I did miss a couple of days outside – and could really tell the difference – but the number of days I have gotten out and walked so far exceeds anything I would have imagined myself doing in a winter month…..I definitely call it a win!  (Yes, I even walked on snow days.  And took pictures to prove it to myself!)  Almost two full weeks of no (added and/or processed) sugar.  I want to go another week and then really dive into all the hidden sugars.  They are everywhere and it can be overwhelming.  Oh, but I am feeling empowered:)

Not exactly a diet and exercise update.  But close enough.  Not that anyone really wants to know that – but I do count it as an achievement!!  So, what have you achieved this month?  Met any of those resolutions for the new year?  I would love to hear about them.  I hope you will share in the comments.  Have a wonderful weekend, my friends – always glad when you stop by!

12 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings: January 2022

  1. Those are really good prompts! I would struggle with “something gleaned” but it is good to think about. And, yes, sharing struggles a la “something braved” can be a good reality check- when only highlights are placed on social media, I think it’s easy to think that everyone’s else life is easy and to question what’s wrong with me that my act isn’t together/ I’m struggling, etc. I appreciate authenticity in all of its forms! Congrats on getting out every day and the no eating sugar. I have been sugar free almost the entire month of January, too. I plan to give in and start eating sugar in February. It’s been really good for me, though, to participate in the discipline of eating no sugar. Have a great weekend! Stay warm :).

    1. Thanks, Maria….and so glad to know that I am not the only way who has yet to get her act all together! Social media really does have a way of convincing me otherwise:) Definitely trying to stay warm…but it is going to be a challenge this weekend. A chilly one!! Glad you stopped by….enjoy your weekend ahead!!

  2. I need to get back outside and walking…I love it but recently have no motivation for it. Zip. I also need to get back to cutting the sugars out…and have done pretty good for the most part, but don’t want that to be “good enough.” I want to do it all the way, I feel so much better when I do. Thanks for sharing!

  3. OH My, I guess this is a challenge in itself. This past month has been challenging for me in health issues. I am still dealing with that frozen shoulder, and my PT got derailed by a couple of things…first the building where we meet had electrical issues and they had to cancel a few days. Then hubby and I got Covid, and so now we aren’t going anywhere. I am trying to keep up my exercises, but to be honest, I just don’t feel up to it. This covid virus has whipped my behind and I am still trying to just keep up with normal activities as much as possible. Oh, then the weather got cold here too, and that kept us indoors more than normal. SO, next month is going to be a new beginning…starting over…and moving ahead. Yes, getting outside every day is something I try to do and look forward to getting back into it. Thank you for this post. It was inspiring.

  4. Jennifer, really enjoyed your January review! I have taken a slow start to the new year as well, and enjoyed the change. I found your something gleaned very thought provoking. Sometimes I think I have faith, but my actions or words don’t back that up! Thank you for sharing this month!

    1. Thanks, Donna! These slow(er) starts to the new year could be a lovely new habit!! Hope you are enjoying your week thus far – and always glad when you stop by!

  5. I know I would struggle to cut out sugar but I do try and reduce my intake as much as I can. Chocolate is my weakness but I do try to limit myself to just a small piece of dark chocolate every day (unless it is Christmas when I have no self control whatsoever!). I am not sure that I would be motivated to do a daily walk at this time of year if we didn’t have a do so you are doing really well. It’s so hard when the weather outside isn’t exactly enticing!

    1. You “have to” take a daily walk?! Maybe that would work for me. Then again, my rebellious streak might show – ha!! The weather is definitely not too enticing – but, my goodness, it might be just as cold outside for you right now. I do hope they have been able to fix the heat, but I really admire your good attitude. I might struggle a bit more to find the bright side, the fun or even the fond memories of decades past!!:) Glad you stopped by today!

  6. That little story about the four friends bringing their friend to Jesus has a lot of lessons packed into it, doesn’t it? I love that Jesus honored the faith of the friends and healed the man. It’s interesting to me that the four guys got nothing out of this interaction except their friend was healed and forgiven. That’s love. And the kind of faith that compels action, as you said.

    visiting from SFS

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