Share Four Somethings: June 2021

June has been all over the place…weatherwise.  We have had summer temps.  And its humidity.  We have had a few downpours, or summer storms, but mostly long dry spells.  And, right now, it is gloriously spring!  Throw the windows open and porch-livin sort of weather!!  June….you do keep it interesting:)  Yet, another month is almost done.  Time to share “four somethings”…so, let’s get right into it.  Then I’m having another cup of coffee on the porch!  June’s Share Four Somethings:

Something Loved.   This month’s highlights included a graduation party that unfortunately came during one of those rain-soaked weekends.  I helped my friend (the graduate’s grandma) put together a fun dessert table for the party.  We made cupcakes topped with mortarboards made of cookies and candies, graduation pretzels, and chocolate-covered Oreos to match.  The whole table was a fun surprise – and turned out super cute – but the most fun was the evening spent getting it all made and ready.  We had a great time…and I’m still sweeping up stray sprinkles.  Reminds me of confetti after our New Year’s Eve fun back in 2000.  Our kids had so much fun that year – and we found confetti for months!!

Something Read. I recently started reading The Pour Over.  It is a newsletter-type synopsis of current events with a mission to “keep Christians informed on what’s happening and focused on what matters.”  For multiple reasons, I just cannot do the news.  Just can’t.  However, I don’t want to be completely oblivious either.  This has been helpful so far and just enough.  It comes three times a week and, so far, is just enough.  I have also recently come across The Daily Good and, just today, The Sunday Paper.  Have you heard of either of those?  No comment yet on either of them but I can recommend The Pour Over.

Something Treasured. Last month, I shared a photo of myself.  Rare, to be sure.  But I was holding my newborn…so couldn’t resist.  Thank you to everyone who left kind comments:)  Father’s Day was simple this year.  And special.  My husband received a few gifts but, for several reasons, the real gift was family time.  Details not necessary but it was an encouraging and sweet weekend for all of us.  God is working – answering prayer – and we are blessed.

Something Ahead.  At the risk of sounding super repetitive, my son comes home in 26 days!!  Who’s counting?  (Actually, he was the one who gave me the count last night!)  His next plans are still not completely settled, so not exactly sure how long he will be home but I will be excited for even a week or two!  Have already started stocking the pantry and freezer with some of his favorites.  He has been making the most of his last weeks in Iowa….did some hiking last weekend.  That guy loves to hike.  I will leave you with some of his photos!

Here’s to another beautiful month ahead.  Starting tomorrow, you can read all the Share Four Something entries here.

15 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings: June 2021

  1. Thanks for the heads up on the newsletters, Jennifer. I absolutely hear you about the news and seldom watch it any more after being a news junkie for years. I read a newsletter each morning that arrives in my inbox and that’s good enough for me.

    Enough is enough, right?!

  2. A sweet post. I appreciate your stocking the kitchen with your son’s favorite goodies. I try to do that for my daughters when they are here. Well, when the Ft. Worth daughter comes for a visit or the El Paso daughter comes for dinner!! Enjoy having him home!

  3. I looked up The Pour over and I have a quick question. Is the content the same no matter which subscription level you do? I am looking at the $1 and $3 options…just curious. Thanks for sharing and cherish those moments with your loved ones. Time passes so quickly!

  4. I haven’t heard of The Daily Pour. I’ve subscribed to the email synopses from The New York Times and the Skimm. I, too, want to be informed but not overwhelmed.

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