Share Four Somethings: May 2022

Welcome to another installment of Share Four Somethings.   As I mentioned on Wednesday, this week has been a heavy one.  For me personally and, of course, for our country.  The senseless tragedies never seem to end and the heartache is genuine.  Sometimes it feels as if there are no words but I am grateful not only for this blogging community but also grateful for this little space where I can connect, think out loud, and collect my thoughts.  It is through posts like this one – where I think back over the last few weeks – that I can see (and am reminded of) God’s goodness.  Of His faithfulness as well as life’s beauty.  These types of posts are helpful.   May has been a month of ups and downs, to be sure, but (continuing with Wednesday’s theme) I am going to focus on the good.  The blessings.  And there are always blessings!
Also, I apologize, in advance, if the new format is off-putting.  (And, if it is, I would love your feedback).  Change can be a challenge.  At least from this end.  I got a harebrained idea to try something new.  It takes me so long to wrangle with the details…and then I am not sure I like it.  But, too much time has been invested right now.  I will let it sit for a few days and then see if I change it right back:)  For now, let’s just press on with May’s edition of Share Four Somethings.  The entire link-up can be found here (starting tomorrow).
Something Loved
My daughter put together a photo album for me…as a Mother’s Day gift.  It was a complete surprise and such a labor of love.  She went through years (dare I say, decades) of photos and piled each page of the album full of so many memories.  Talk about reminders of just how sweet life truly is!  Sweet – and fleeting.  Goodness but time goes quickly.  I have not even put the album away (not sure when I will) but have it on the bench beside my bed….and so enjoy (love!) looking through it in the evening.  I love the memories and the joy they bring…and I love her for all the time and effort she put into such a special gift!
Something Gleaned
Well, this is unfortunate.  I was actually saving some quotes that really impacted me this past month.  I saved them just for this post…and this section of it.  And now, I noticed that I did not save the author or the sources where I read them.  I’m going to list them here – and, if they are your quotes (I read so many blogs), please let me know and I will give credit.  Shame on me…and I thought I was so prepared.  I won’t elaborate so as to not steal anyone else’s thoughts or words, but I sure did find these thoughts inspiring this past month.
“If you keep trying, you are not failing. The only way you fail is if you quit trying.”
“You’ll never achieve the goals you don’t set.”
“Don’t let what you cannot do keep you from doing what you can.”
Something Saved
I have been saving wall color options like a madwoman.  We reserved our painter (who was booked until September) and we will be painting – well, basically, the entire house.  Minus the bedrooms.  We love the look of one color and, although we don’t have exactly an open floorplan type house,  all the walls seem to connect and one color looks neat and cohesive.  That said, that one color needs to be the perfect color.  As in, the.perfect.color.  Painting that many walls is no small job (nor is it inexpensive) so we don’t plan to redo it again any time soon.  We will be living with this choice for a (nice, long) while.  No pressure.  I know I don’t want grey (sorry grey lovers) and I really don’t want any of the one hundred shades of white – but I do want something neutral.  I rather like this “creamy mushroom” but is it perfect?  My head spins with colors.  I also wish they did not give paint colors creative names.  The names tend to (mentally) affect my opinion/image of the color…even if it really has nothing to do with the color.
Something Achieved
A few random, achievements.  I tried this new blog format.  I did not slam the keyboard once in the process.  I “wrote” another song for the kiddos to sing at church.  By writing, I typically put new words to a familiar tune.  Hearing the children sing makes my own heart sing:)  I closed the door on something that I have been wanting to do/learn but just has not felt right from the beginning.  I tried hard (and for too long) “not to quit” but finally realized not every time you stop something is quitting.  It was time to stop forcing it.  I completed a few small projects around the house.  Spray painting is magical.  And oh so gratifying!
Let me know if you know the perfect shade of creamed coffee.  Or another color.  I do love color (for instance, there are so many beautiful shades of green) but I am not able to redecorate the entire house so the paint has to work with the furniture/decor we have now.  Also, let me know what you have achieved this month.  I would love to hear!  Have a great weekend, friends!

21 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings: May 2022

  1. I love the new format! It was easy for me to find the newest post, so that’s a plus. 😉 I know how you feel…I still have my new look on the blog as well and I still don’t know how I feel about it. I like the paint color! It’s too bad you don’t have a decorator friend you could have to give you a second opinion. Paint is SO HARD to pick! I agree, there are AT LEAST a hundred shades of white. Gray is definitely not for everyone and doesn’t go with everything, no matter what people say! We do tend to lean more gray, but the color in our connecting halls is a gray with taupe, if that makes sense. Good luck with this!

    I hope you have a good weekend, friend. Much love.

    1. Thanks for the feedback – and the encouragement! The verdict is still out – but I am glad you found the latest post:) And, so many whites!!!

  2. That cappuccino froth is really pretty! I find it so hard to stick to just one paint color; though I do love that cohesive look but I also tend to love ALL the colors. The best option is to get some paint swatches and tape them to the walls; try different walls in different lighting/ times of day because that can make a real big difference too. That photo album does sound like a wonderful gift and I am sure she is tickled to know how much you love it and look through it.

    1. We do plan to get swatches. I’m hoping not to have 10 or 20 taped all over the house – ha! Will have to narrow down the choices:)

  3. Jennifer, love your new blog format! Your Mother’s Day gift sounds so lovely. The best gifts are the ones where someone really knows your heart. Such great paint colors, hope you will share pics of the finished project!!!

  4. Ok, I have to start with this. I was typing a comment and then I couldn’t type anymore and I thought, “Oh my, I must writing too much.” (Though it didn’t seem like I was writing too much!!). It turns out I was writing my comment in the website text box ;). Speaking of the blog (or my inability to use it correctly!), I like the new format. What a thoughtful gift from your daughter! And though it was very generous of her to devote so much time to the project, my guess is that she enjoyed the walk down memory lane herself and loved how much she knew you would love it. When you mentioned the paint color that had the word “mushroom” in it, my first thought was that I couldn’t use a paint color with the word mushroom in it and then you wrote that the name can impact the opinion of the color and I chuckled because that was what I was just thinking! Good luck picking out a color… it’ always a bit stressful but fun as well to anticipate a new look for a room. Have a great weekend!!

    1. Not a mushroom fan!??! Ha – now that you mention it, I’m pretty sure (no, I’m positive) I could not paint my walls anything paint color that included tomato in the name – no matter how beautiful the color was!! LOL So glad you stopped by this weekend!!

  5. Sounds like you received a perfect Mother’s Day gift – so thoughtful! I love colors for my walls but I also struggle with making a decision on WHICH color. And I totally agree about the creative names – the names sometimes color my opinion of the actual colors! (See what I did there? 😉 ) Sometimes knowing that it’s time to walk away from something is just as big an achievement as struggling on. Good for you for seeing that!

  6. What a wonderful gift your daughter gave you for Mother’s Day! Rejoicing with you that you are able to delight in many memories each night and how the Lord has been so good to you! I hope you find the perfect color for your walls, Jennifer.

    1. Lisa, it was a pretty special gift, I will admit:) So glad you stopped by this weekend!! Here’s to a great week ahead!

    1. Thanks, Beth. The wall color is not completely determined yet…but that one is a super pretty color:)

  7. The photo album sounds like a wonderful mother’s day gift! I loved “but finally realized not every time you stop something is quitting” and think I needed to hear that!! It’s so true!

  8. Sounds like you’ve had a lot of achievements this month – congrats! I hear you about the color name affecting one’s thoughts. I hope the color is perfect for your home.

  9. Yes, I am totally swayed by the name of a paint color! Also, I loved this: ” I tried hard (and for too long) “not to quit” but finally realized not every time you stop something is quitting.” YES!!!

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