Share Four Somethings: November 2022

Welcome to my blog – on a Saturday!  I had every intention of getting this post ready for yesterday, which meant I would be writing the night before…or on Thanksgiving.  We had a wonderful lunch and afternoon together.  My daughter was here in the evening but I still had time to write.  I just completely lacked the motivation and the ability to formulate coherent sentences.  I blame the abundance of carbs.  Yes, carbs.  I did decide to eat the carbs…and they were tasty.  But they totally put my brain to sleep.  I now remember why no carb (or even just low carb) works so much better for me.  At least for 99 percent of the days!!:)

Enough about carbs.  It has been a full and wonderful month.  One of my favorites – and now it is time for November’s Share Four Somethings.  This link-up begins on Saturday (the fourth one of each month) so, technically, this month I am right on time!  Let’s get started with this month’s four things…..

Something Loved

During the last few weeks, I have loved the weather.  It has been so unseasonably warm and delightful.  We even got in another hike.  Hikes are Juju’s favorite!  I loved spending Thanksgiving with my brother.  He is usually with his family but they recently moved to California and tickets across the country are so expensive right now.  I do hope he will be able to make the trip for Christmas but will admit, it was really nice to have him here this week!  Earlier this week, I had two of the older girls (from Junior Church) over to the house.  We worked in the kitchen and just had fun spending the afternoon together.  We also had a wonderful lunch after our weekly Bible study just before the holiday.  It was such a nice afternoon – and one of the ladies played the harp for us.  Hymns played on the harp are so pretty.  I “loved” it all!:)

Something Gleaned

I have read so many helpful and encouraging devotionals, blog posts, and the like this month.  So much wisdom!  I found myself making mental notes and even thinking often that “this is something gleaned for sure this month.”  The topic of gratitude is apparently “very popular” right now – in all communities, age groups and such.  I’ve had interesting conversations on the subject with several different people.  The idea of gratitude journals or simply listing things for which you are grateful is quite “in” and, of course, there are even apps to help you do so!  That always makes me laugh:)

There were far too many for me to share but I really liked one particular idea/suggestion.  This was from Christa at Brown Sugar Toast.  She suggested habits to help with gratitude as well as two simple ways to “radically transform your heart.”  One:  Give thanks for things you have, and don’t want.  Now, that will give you pause.  And, Two:  Give thanks for things you want, and don’t have.  Both of these made me slow down and really consider the things I was putting on my (mental) gratitude list.  (I do not keep a journal.  Do you?)  I can agree with Christa.  It has been a transforming exercise.

Something Saved

I saved this prayer….and shared it with a friend earlier this month.  It was from my Bible study during the week.

“Father, would You meet with me?  Would you remind me and assure me of Your great love?  Comfort and strengthen me with Your presence.  Help me to believe these great truths, endure any trial, delight in Your mighty love, walk in Your Spirit, AND REST in the power of Your Son.  Amen.”

The emphasis (AND REST) was mine.  The resting in the truth.  Resting while I endure trials or while I delight in His love.  That is the hard part for me.   How often do I rehearse truths or claim His promises….and then begin spending time, emotion and so much mental energy trying to resolve, manipulate or circumvent the solution I just “left in His hand”??  I need to read this prayer a little more often!

Something Achieved

Considering this category, something immediately comes to mind, although I cannot exactly share it.  But I definitely pushed myself and tackled something that needed to be done.  Some might argue that it needed to be done long before this.  Truthfully, I feel like I just opened Pandora’s box.  And I cannot honestly say that I’m thrilled with the outcome.  But I am happy with myself for working through all (well, most….or quite a bit of) the mental “stuff” that came with it.  I know.  I know.  That is all very vague and not much of an answer but it was a big deal for me and totally worth recording here in my space.  Let’s leave it at that.

Not to end on that note……we made these cupcakes in Junior Church last week.  The kids loved them.  I loved them.  Both the watching everyone have such a good time AND the cupcakes!!

I would love to know a few of the things you have loved this past month.  I know most of us have turned our thoughts towards Christmas….but don’t completely forget November – and all that was beautiful this month!  I always enjoy your comments.  Here’s to a wonderful Saturday.  I hope you will have to enjoy the rest of the link-up here.

16 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings: November 2022

  1. I loved that prayer and I don’t keep a journal. But most Thursdays I write a Thankful Thursday post and it really helps me to think back on things I am thankful for from the week and also I enjoy looking back over them from previous weeks from time to time. I helps me to remember how good God has always been to me.

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Jennifer! Wow! The two questions bring a very different perspective to gratitude, I will have to ponder them. This is definitely a heart desire, “Resting while I endure trials or while I delight in His love.” Congratulations on “tackling” what needed to be done and pushing through the mental stuff to do it! May the Lord give you grace to deal with the Pandora Box and any future aspects that entails.

    1. Thank you very much, Lisa. Needing grace – and grateful to know that He will provide it! Glad you stopped by today!

  3. I rarely hear harp music in person, so what a treat that you all got to hear your friend play. I appreciate those two gratitude topics: they cause me to pause and think about them too! Even though you couldn’t explain the details, I hear in your words that your “something achieved” was a courageous thing to do, so congrats to you on accomplishing it! Too many times we run away from uncomfortable but necessary things, so good for you.

  4. I have also enjoyed the focus on “gratitude” recently. I’ve read many good thoughts and perspectives on it. Congrats on eating the carbs… and not missing them so much such that you’re ready to go back to low carb. And congrats on your something achieved. It sounds much more important than carbs… but truly any accomplishment of the flesh or spirit is a win in my book ;). I’m glad your Thanksgiving was good! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend.

    1. Glad you noticed it too – so much good “food for thought” lately! I appreciate the vote of confidence. Not quite fully acheived…a bit of a work in progress!:)

  5. I have got to stop eating carbs. I remember having SO MUCH energy when I didn’t eat them! Note to self. I just wish I didn’t love them so much! I loved this post and your heart. It’s always wonderful catching up! I hope you had a wonderful time with family over Thanksgiving, my friend. Much love!

  6. Those contrasting gratitude phrases are making me think – giving thanks for things I want but don’t have and for things I don’t want but have anyway. I will be pondering that. Visiting from SFS

  7. Sounds like a good month, Jennifer! Carbs make me sluggish and I have other issues with them too, but I have not eaten well ever since we started this moving process. I do look forward to getting settled and back into a GOOD routine, with exercising, eating right, and all the other things we have to balance. I love the thoughts you shared on gratitude. I do keep a gratitude journal but sometimes it seems like I am just going through the motions or being thankful day after day for the “nice” weather. I know I can do better, but my brain is sluggish right now (probably the carbs, LOL). I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season!!!

    1. Settling back into a good routine is the best! Hope you will be able to find yours soon! The whole process of moving just seems to take awhile!!

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