Share Four Somethings: October 2023

Can it really be the last Thursday of the month?  Wow.  I guess that means it is time for my monthly Share Four Somethings post.  This link-up goes live on the fourth Saturday of each month, but I don’t post on Saturdays.  And, as of this month, I’m not posting on Fridays either so I suppose I am going to be super early to the party:)  I’m pretty used to being early (if you are going with my husband, you are going to be early!!) so I will jump right in.  Ah, and just for the record, last month in my Share Four Somethings post, I asked if others were most comfortable being early, late or right on time.  There were a few, like me, who were typically early.  However, most agreed a bit after “the appointed hour” was preferred.  Well, I learned something there – not that my husband would ever fall for it!  If you invite us to your next party, I apologize in advance.  We will be the early ones.  (Just invite us thirty minutes later than everyone else – lol!)  Look for the rest of the link-up, hosted by Jennifer, in a couple of days.  I will come back and link it here.  Let’s get started….

Something loved.  This is probably going to sound trite (as in overused) or even lame…but, I am LOVING the weather of late!  I call it fall at its finest.  No, it is definitely not sweater weather but that is fine with me!  It is cool mornings (but not freezing) and sun-drenched days with temperatures well into the 70s.  Perfection.  It is no secret that I love the sunny months – aka summer. And while I enjoy the beauty of autumn, I know it is just a gateway to winter.  (And winter is misery!)  So, for now, I am soaking in these gorgeous days.  We took our trip to the mountains and your girl even hiked (a tad over) five miles!!  We did not necessarily set out to hike that far but we somehow past our viewpoint destination – at which point we were supposed to retrace the path back to our car but we kept right on walking.  And walking.  And walking some more.  We weren’t terribly worried as the path was pretty much all downhill.  When we finally emerged from the trails, we were about two and half miles down the mountain past our car.  And, yes, the hike back to the car was, you guessed it, all uphill!  The colors were definitely not at their peak…but the day was perfect!!

Something learned.  This girl can do hard things. At least, challenging things.  New things.  Last weekend, I conquered the city scooter.  This week, not only did I hike farther than I planned but also farther than I would have imagined.  Maybe not that far for many but something I would have told myself, “you can’t do that…” just as I did with the scooter and, sadly, with so many other things.  Truly, we can be our own worst enemies.  I have a few other things I would like to do and/or to try.  We will see how those play out.

Something read.  In conjunction with that thought, I recently read that the average age of a successful start-up is 45.  The study, in the Harvard Business Review, also said a 50-year-old founder is twice as likely to start a successful company as a 30-year-old, and a 60-year-old is three times more likely to be successful than a 30-year-old.  Let’s hear it for the mature ones:)  and here’s to trying hard things and doing new things!!

Something eaten.  Earlier this month, we went apple picking.  A lot of the trees were already thoroughly picked and I thought it was too late in the season for more apples.  But, I was wrong.  My son and his girlfriend went this week and came home with a lot of apples.  A lot!  They made Apple Blondies!  I was skeptical.  Apples and brownies is not a combination that I have had before – but, trust me, they were delicious!  I did not get a picture but I will include the recipe soon!

Thanks for following along to the end.  As I mentioned, the entire link-up will not go live for another week.  But let me know what you have been loving this month.  Have you tried somethings new?  Conquered anything challenging?  I would love the inspiration….and hope you will share.   Here’s to a great weekend ahead.  The sunshine is supposed to continue and we are headed back downtown!

13 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings: October 2023

  1. That hike sounds really long and neat! I enjoy walking/ hiking so it sounds right up my ally (ey?). Apple blondies sound delicious! I tried a couple of new things: I took senior pictures of my friend´s son and applied for a part time job! The pictures turned out well but I did not get the job (it was filled internally within the organization). I was disappointed but not devastated. I gave it a try! Our weather has been PERFECT and I don´t want it to end!!

  2. Hello! What a beautiful picture of the apples! I am most certainly interested in the recipe you mentioned. I am trying to think if I have done anything new…I am a creature of habit and am reluctant to try anything new. I am loving being here near the ocean. It is so much more laid back. I hope you have a cozy afternoon, my friend!

  3. Yes I am loving this weather we have been having lately too; cool but not cold, beautiful blue skies really set off those colorful trees too! I would definitely be interested in that apple blondie recipe. We tried apple pie cookies last year and they were delicious so I can see those two textures working out but I would never thought of pairing them together.

  4. Those apples look so pretty in the basket. I’m always amazed at how the months fly by, and here we are almost into November. I have enjoyed reading about your busy month. The weather has been really nice here, a cold spell and then some warm days, and now we will be going into the cold again. Loved the photos Jennifer. Here’s to a wonderful November for you, and a happy Friday and weekend too 🙂

  5. Jennifer, thank you so much for your kind words you left on my latest post. I have felt those prayers. Thank you!

    Grace & Peace,

  6. Fresh picked apples are the best! We have always wanted our own apple trees but have not planted one to date. Someday. Good for you for jumping on that scooter, we need to challenge ourselves once in a while!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful month of enjoying God’s wonderful creation, Jennifer. I’ll see you at the 4 Somethings gathering tomorrow ,,, these are some of my favorite posts to write and to read. There’s always something to notice, appreciate, or be thankful for. God is good.

  8. I LOVE the fall weather and colors but didn’t think to put it in my post (insert face palm here!). YAY for hiking 5 miles, intentional or not, that is fabulous. I 100% agree with you that we are our own worst enemy of what we can and can’t do. I am also with you, apple blondies sounds weird, LOL, but glad you enjoyed them. I hope you are doing well and continuing to recover. Have a great rest of this weekend!

  9. Well done with the scooting and the hiking – you must have felt so pleased to have managed better than you thought you would! We too often convince ourselves that we can’t do something without even trying (or is that just me?) I read some good advice recently, instead of going through all the worst case scenarios and things that can go wrong, try to say to yourself ‘Yes, but what if it’s ok? What if those bad things don’t happen?’ I’m trying to remember that when I am dithering about doing something!

  10. Jennifer, those are some fascinating stats about the age of people who found successful startups. I need to share that with my husband. I love that you are trying and accomplishing hard things. It feels good, doesn’t it?

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