She Melts My Heart

Thanks so much for all your kind comments regarding my blog look:) I rather like it myself and especially now that I was able to get the cute polka dots to show – such an easy fix…IF you know what you are doing!! I do like the dots:)

I really am not that much for taking pictures of myself – much less posting them! – but if the new do is noteworthy, I will let you know. In the mean time…a picture worth posting!! My new favorite of Miss Roo! Totally rockin’ her shades:) I love that girly!!

And never leaves home without her camera:) So her mother’s daughter!! Happy Wednesday!!

5 thoughts on “She Melts My Heart

  1. Good Morning! Miss Roo is sooo adorable. And as for printing pics of yourself? I soo understand…Mel forces me…"Come on Mom…I want to see your face…" and so I do….Everyone probably thinks I'm looney…I do really want to see the "do" though, haha. Have a wonderful day. HUGS

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