Should I Offer a Deal?

The price is firm.  I enjoy antiquing or scouring a local consignment store for a great bargain and, while a lot of bargain hunters love to make a deal, I am happy when an item includes that label.  When the price is fixed and no offers for other prices will be accepted.  Maybe it is my rule-loving nature.  Give me a firm price and I can, most easily, decide if I want it or not.  Maybe it is just my “don’t rock the boat” default that does not want to risk offending the seller.  Or, maybe, I’m just a wimp…but I do not like to haggle, banter and negotiate prices.  (Yes, just the idea of car shopping makes my stomach churn.)

Traveling internationally has often put these challenges to the test.  And, I usually fail miserably.  I’ve left way too many perfect souvenirs behind because I was not willing to barter for the price.  Sad, but true.  Thankfully, the idea of making someone an offer is not nearly as expected here in the States – at least, not at the market.  (Craigslist…I just avoid.)  I am aware, though, that for many the idea of bartering, and volleying offers back and forth, is half the fun!!  And, I suppose it could be – if it just didn’t make my stomach queasy.

Fun or not – bargaining – or  trying to “make an offer” – does not apply to our Christian walk.  Perhaps we’ve become too savvy at striking deals.  Or we’ve come to expect, even assume, a bit of “give and take.”  But Christ, and His word, are neither debatable or negotiable.  He is consistent and faithfully unchanging.  While compassionate and merciful, He is not swayed nor are His actions determined by our begging, our emotional deals offered in desperation, or other (often worthwhile) attempts to influence outcomes to situations and circumstances.  Christ is certainly not uncaring – He loves us! – but He is sure and His word established.  We do not need to plead or devise the best offer, but we simply need to submit to His way and His plan.

Not only does He know and hold the future but He already holds our best interests in His heart.  Be passionate about knowing His word.  Daily seek to know more of His character.  Then, prayerfully and humbly submit to the Lord.  Truly, He has already offered His very best for us.

Simply my five minutes worth on this week’s Five Minute Friday prompt:  OFFER.

2 thoughts on “Should I Offer a Deal?

  1. Oh, I do not like haggling or negotiating either. Give me a black and white price and time to ponder and I’ll decide if it’s worth the price to me. 🙂

    Praise God for offering His best for us! No negotiation needed!!!

    1. Isn’t that a precious truth? God’s wonderful offering is ours – no negotiation necessary!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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