Should This Be My Last Post?

Well, hello November!  I’m glad you are here:)

October was a full month – always one of my favorites – but it seems like it has been October (or at least, pumpkin spice season) for a long time.  No doubt, one of the pitfalls of starting “seasons” weeks before they actually arrive.  But, I digress.  I’m just happy to see a new month.  I did see some IG excitement, yesterday, for peppermint mocha…so, I guess a new “season” is officially rolling in:)

A new season.  A new month.  I just like “new”!  And the new month is starting on Friday – and with Five Minute Friday. Theses five-minute writings, that springboard from a one-word prompt – are always challenging and thought-provoking for me.  Today’s word, LAST, ended up being a bit of a soul search for me.

GO – If I’m honest, one of my first thoughts, after reading the prompt, was somewhat of a surprise to me.  Almost immediately I considered the idea that this could be the perfect way to close my blog.  To make this my last post.  How cute and clever I thought.  I have a love-hate relationship with blogging.  I love to write.  I enjoy this creative outlet.  But I hate writing when it becomes a chore or one more thing I need to check off my to-do list.  And, too often, this is what happens.  The joy of writing – and creating posts – is too often drained.

I’m sure the reasons for this are numerous and deserve more than five minutes of my thought; however, I do know that I too often allow my insecurities to wonder, “what is the point?” or “why bother?”  Soon after I began blogging, I wrote some thoughts – mission statements, if you will – down for myself.  I think they are tucked away in my desk.  I need to get those out. It is important to remember why we do what we do.  And that applies to so much more than just blogging.

Why do I have the habits I do?  Why do I have the priorities that I do?  We need to be mindful of the reasons behind our actions, our decisions, our goals, etc.  Knowing our why helps us live intentionally – not simply coasting through on auto-pilot – and helps us be wise stewards of our time and days.  And when what we are doing is intentional, there is a sense of purpose that leads to not only contentment but to joy.

END – Let me get back to blogging and finish with that.  There are several reasons I started blogging.  Among those is the confidence that God wants me to do so.  I’ve asked Him (too many times) if I should stop posting and, for now, I know He wants me to continue.  But I do still find myself wondering “why?”  And, yesterday, I read the most encouraging – and convicting – post here.  From Kate:)  (she hosts these Five Minute Fridays).  I could recap it but you really should read it here.  It is a wise question to consider for any of us.  For whatever we do.  For whatever Christ has asked us to do.  Why do I _________________ (you fill in the blank)?

If we lose sight of our why…it is only a matter of time before it is one more “last” for us.

6 thoughts on “Should This Be My Last Post?

  1. Well I’d be sad if you stopped blogging but I understand how it can seem like a chore at time and that can spoil the enjoyment. We definitely do need to remind ourselves of why we do it, and I think continuing to seek God’s will about whether we’re still called to keep going is wise. I love Kate’s point that it is worth it if God wants to use us to help one person.

  2. I often think of quitting;
    in fact, like every day,
    but that would be remitting
    back to God my pay.
    For I am paid in something
    more precious, yea, than gold;
    it’s what to other hearts I bring
    in the stories that I’ve told.
    If I walk away from this,
    it invalidates the past
    with a kind of Judas-kiss
    to the first unto the last.
    Life hurts and each step’s agony,
    but I have wealth in more than money.

    1. Andrew – I don’t know how you do these poems so consistently and easily – but this really hit the nail on the head for me. Thanks for faithfully stopping by…and for your encouraging prose:)

    1. So true – I may never know. But I do pray God can use my words in just a small way to encourage (even) one! Thanks for being one of my greatest cheerleaders, friend!

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