Signs of Fall – at Your House and Mine

Welcome to Friday with Friends! We are sharing pictures of our fall decorations and I have been looking forward to this share all week! There is so much creativity and inspiration out there and all the pumpkins, scarecrows, leaves and hay:) just make me feel happy! I hope lots of you will link up with today….

There is just something about that orange – and don’t you just think this about the cutest orange-wearing cuties you have seen in a long time?? Surely, it can’t just be me…….

So, I guess we weren’t talking that kind of orange…exactly. (But, like any self-respecting Mimi…I did find a way to work it in!!) But, I think this post was more for house decorations – so……..

Come On In …..and Welcome!!

HA – as I’m posting this, I am just for the first time noticing the tag still hanging there! What a goof:) I picked this sign up a bit back at Home Goods:) and just was not sure what do to with it. It did not work on the front door so I sorta “stuck” it there by the entry table, thinking I might move it later. Yes, it is still there but apparently I never went back to take a closer look.

I can assure you as soon as I’m done at the computer….there will be no more tag. Oh brother.

The entry table can be seen from the front porch when the door is open – which it usually is – so I like to have something there that says “Welcome”!!

We do not celebrate Halloween at our house – Hubbie just will not play the game..ha! – but I do think this sweet Boyd’s bear in his M&M costume is too cute!

I was definitely having trouble getting a shot of the mantle….so you have two shots. Grrr. This is the first time I have ever had a mantle in the fall and I had fun adding some orange to our family room!

This is the centerpiece on my kitchen table. I’ve had this cornucopia for years – it even survived the move – but it always looks festive when I bring it out each year. Well, that’s enough of my things. I hope you will join us and I promise to get by everyone’s blogs this weekend….another weekend of craft fairs, pumpkin treats (think homemade pumpkin pie ice cream!), hay rides, homemade chili and great weather! Can’t wait!!

15 thoughts on “Signs of Fall – at Your House and Mine

  1. Good Morning! I love your things. Soo pretty. The tag is soo something I would do, haha…I think it looks perfect right there though. Your pictures of your little sweetie are just adorable. I thought about sticking all of mine into my post too, haha, but mine was WAY TOO LONG as it was. This was fun and I am glad I joined in. I have a LONG LONG day ahead of me so I did mine yesterday afternoon and will post right after I leave here. Why was your day yesterday so draining? Have a wonderful week-end my friend, the fair sounds great. Love and hugs to you, Debbie

  2. Hey Jennifer..I cracked up at the tag! Oh how often I too have done that! Love your Fall pretties!!! I am excited to be going to the apple picking farms this weekend with my family and my husband gets home tonight!!! Woo-Hoo!!!

  3. Morning Jenn,
    Loved all your decorations, everything looks so nice. Did a great job on your pretty mantel,
    and love your lil sign in the hallway
    and the cute bear with the m&m costume, how cute!! and best of all was the lovely photos of Riley at the pumpkin patch, so adorable!!
    You are in good company with that tag, Minnie Pearl always left her tag on her hat you know!! lol
    I am linking up twice, cause these are both post of Fall decorations,
    one the mantel and the other the coffee table. Did them for table top Tuesday a while back, you have
    probably already seen them, course,
    you may have been on your trip come to think of it. Anyway, someone may not have seen them!! hopefully!! lol
    Have a Wild and Wonderful Weekend,
    Blessings and hug, Nellie

  4. I love how you decorated your house!!!

    And what's funny is that I sometimes keep the price tags on items as well! But not tags. I sometimes like to look back and see how much I spent on something!

    Everything looks really pretty!

  5. Awe! I LOVE the pictures of Riley! SO CUTE! How did you do that? The frame thing? It's totally awesome! Love it 🙂 I don't even think I've looked at all of those pictures from yesterday yet cause I've been too busy but I do hope to get them up on my blog at SOME point.

    Those are the ones from Bob's mom's camera and I think I've got a few really cute ones too on my camera so I'll have to try and upload soon.

    Love all of your fall decorations! Can't WAIT to come for Christmas and see all the Christmas decor! I wonder if it will be a white Christmas? If so, it will be Riley's FIRST TIME seeing snow!!

    Love you!


  6. Love your Fall pictures and the Boyd bear is adorable.
    Your cornucopia is very pretty on your table. Glad it survived the move. You probably can get great deals on Fall decor real soon.
    Thanks for your sweet comments today.

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