Simply A Phone Call

Today I am joining the discussion At the Well…….
In the past, how has God lead you to serve someone in a way that was not quite how you would have expected?

What can you do today to serve someone else without spending a dime?

How have you benefited or been blessed by God after serving someone else?

I think of the easiest (and least expensive) ways to reach out to someone…to be a blessing…is (this is deep!) the telephone – to actually call someone! – followed, closely by the handwritten note. In this day of fast technology and instant communication, often, while we may be “in touch”, we are more and more isolated. This is especially true for the older generation…but not exclusive to our senior friends. There are lonely folks everywhere or even those who simply feel alone.

One of our most basic needs is companionship – and receiving a note and, especially, sharing a phone call can be a tremendous blessing…to both ends of the line!! Usually while I am having my quiet time, I ask God to give me a name of someone I might contact during the day….He often brings to mind a couple folks. I make a point to call them before I get involved in my day and what a blessing those few moments on the phone are to me.
One unexpected circumstance….I dropped a note to a senior lady from our church…told her I was praying for her and her family and asked her to be sure and let me know if there was anything at all I could do to be a help. When I called her a couple days later she said there was, in fact, something I could do – pick up their new vacuum cleaner!?!? Apparently it had been ordered before her husband had surgery, and now she had no way to get across town to pick it up and it was certainly a worry to her! It was no problem for me but, my goodness, how happy she was!! That small errand has led to a sweet friendship that is a tremendous blessing to me!
Serving others doesn’t have to cost us a lot but, goodness, the rewards are abundant! How would you answer that second question above? I would love to hear your ideas.

4 thoughts on “Simply A Phone Call

  1. This is such a good idea, Jennifer! I'm sure she was so please that you picked up her new vacumm. How often do we miss opportunities because we aren't communicating? This is such a good point that you've made!

  2. I love it when God uses me to help others; my biggest "issue" with myself is not ending up with false pride over my "good deeds". Sometimes that can be a really big battle for me, even with those things that cost me little to nothing. But I find that, the more I lean on God and give HIM the glory, the more He gives me to do… and THAT is a real blessing. LOVED this post… you definitely belong "At the Well"…

  3. I almost read this a little earlier today but got distracted by something (cannot even remember what it was; but probably a diaper or something! ;))

    There was someone on my heart to call and I didn't make the time today. As I sat here reading you post I thought, "Is it too late??? Would they be angry if I woke them?" Being that it is now past 10:30…I will wait until tomorrow.

    Thank you for the reminder. It will be my first thing tomorrow!! (Sorry that I didn't really respond to the heart of this post – which was excellent – but God used you to prompt me!!)

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