Yes, we had a snow day yesterday:) I don’t have children in school anymore. I don’t work at their school any longer but something about a snow day is just plain fun! I love the unexpected change of routine and the chance to stay home and snuggled in – which is especially nice when the family is snuggled in with me.

Although our snow storm didn’t leave us with as many inches as some of our snows, the nice sheet of ice under the snow – from the sleet beforehand – really made commutes home for many a nightmare. There were, however, some really encouraging news stories of people helping one another….like the couple serving hot tea to motorists stranded on the roads outside their home!

Thankfully, we all made it home safe and without too terrible of delays. The snow was coming down so thick – it was beautiful. I tried to get some pictures…..but they are from the back door as I was not willing to go outside. I am totally a “from the inside snow admirer”!!
Our snow day was very productive and, also, “one of those days!!” In the afternoon, our daughter loaded the dogs in the car – just for a run to Petsmart to get out of the house – and the car would not go…literally. Not sure what the problem was, but Hubbie was able to fix that one without too much trouble. A bit later, Hubbie wanted to “get out of the house”… is me who is content to stay inside:)…and wanted to run to Starbucks. I initially balked but he really wanted to go, so we bundled up and headed out. We made it to the garage. Yes, our car wouldn’t start. Not even a joke. Apparently, the cold weather killed our battery. Or, at least, I am blaming it on the cold weather. Hubbie fixed that one, too, but we had no lattes.
But that was okay with me. I cleaned. I cooked (or puttered in the kitchen is a better description of me in the kitchen). I read. And I caught up with blogs. That’s when I was inspired by Nellie to do some decorating simply with things I already have around the house. I worked for over an hour in our guest room – which we call Tyler’s room as furniture and some of his favorite things are in that room – and had the best time. Thanks, Nellie, for the inspiration!! I will have to take some pictures……
But I’m off to the vet – follow-up appointment for Mr. Rascal. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! Enjoy these days of winter:) One of my favorite things about winter –
Oh yea – the cocoa!!

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  1. Good morning! OK you totally talked me into a good snow day…wish it could happen once in a while at least over here, but no such luck…it looks soo pretty. I love a good day of "decorating"…ENJOY your week-end!! HUGS

  2. Hi Jen! Oh my gosh when I saw those pictures, I couldn't believe my eyes! I mean, I know you guys have said that you have snow, but I guess I just couldn't picture it. I have only seen your new house and the neighborhood when it's sunny and gorgeous outside so to see it all covered in WHITE was totally different! I will have to show Bob! I don't think he's actually seen your new house yet, although I've told him about the pool table quite often and he is excited to one day hopefully play on it! 🙂

    The picture of Bailey looking out the window was absolutely the cutest too 🙂 That dog is so stinkin cute! I truly wonder if she and Elmo would get along or if Elmo would go for the jugular. Every since he was attacked by a few big dogs at random times, he seems to have a HUGE fear of them! But he always calms down after being around them for a couple hours.

    Anyways, hope today the snow has melted and you are able to get out. I seriously could not BELIEVE that both cars wouldn't start either! Aren't you so happy for a garage though? It's so wonderful, especially when it's that cold and freezing out! Hopefully it will warm up for you guys soon and then it will be blazing hot here!

    Love ya! Have a great weekend!


  3. Love your snow photos! Reminding me of the snowfall we had here in England last month. So pretty and so cold!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Blessings and hugs.

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