So Much More Than I Think Possible

If you read Tuesday’s post, you know that we (my hubbie and I) have been patiently waiting for porch season to return.  To not only open the windows but also to enjoy time in the evenings out on the porch.  And we were not disappointed this week!  It has been spring in all her glory around here…and there have been more than one opportunities for watching life from the porch rockers:)  And – as “old folks” are prone to do – the other night we caught ourselves reminiscing.  We both love a porch but truthfully never imagined ourselves ever having a home with one.  Quite honestly, we thought we would always live in a townhouse.  Nothing wrong with a townhouse but, at least in our area, most do not include a porch fit for rockers.

Actually, there is so much that we could not have imagined – would not have believed possible – but that God has allowed in our lives.   Certainly the material blessings (which are immense).  But so much more.  The places we have traveled.  To places I once could not even find on the map! The experiences we have shared.  The beyond exciting ones. But especially the deep, deep valleys that we thought impossible to get through.  But God was, and is, so faithful.  He led us, held us and never failed us.  And when we find ourselves enjoying a random Tuesday evening on our front porch, we shake our heads and think, “Who could have imagined?”  I hesitate to write these things for fear of sounding boastful.  This post is not about me, my husband or our lives.  I simply want to thank the Lord and acknowledge that we stand in awe.

Can you imagine how Joseph felt as he sat for another day – another week…even another year! – in that prison?  Wrongfully imprisoned and seemingly forgotten.  Could he ever imagined that he would soon be second in command and not only running the country but also saving his own family and reunited with his father?!!  The same could be said for so many we read about in the Bible and even those we admire and read about throughout our own history.  Lives turning out so very different than what anyone would have thought possible!!

Sometimes we forget, as we read amazing stories, that those involved did not know “the end of the book.”  They did not simply persevere so they could get to the good part.  The victory.  They persevered, they were faithful, and they did not quit because their God was bigger than any of their circumstances.  Trusting Him made the difference.  And it makes a difference in my life as well.  If I’m honest, I like to skim books and get to the good part.  And I can be just as short-sighted and impatient with my own story.  Days can seem so tedious, long, uneventful, or even boring.  Many days, even weeks, are plain hard.  Often they hurt.  And hurt hard.  I want to skip over those.  Get to the good parts.  Don’t we all?  But I need to remember God is writing my story.  Not only is my story not over but God is always good.  He is still writing a story that is more than I can ever think possible!!  To God be the glory –

“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think….” Ephesians 3:20a

My rambling thoughts on today’s FMF prompt:  possible.  Read the others here.  And, happy Friday!!

8 thoughts on “So Much More Than I Think Possible

    1. Thanks, Sabrina! I’m so glad you stopped by today – and took the time to comment!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  1. I’ve enjoyed sitting on my “lanai” (what I like to call the pavers that double as my front patio and an extra parking pad) the past few weekends. Not exactly front porch, rocking chair sitting, but pretty close! I’m so excited to have this weather back.

    1. Lanai. Porch. Patio. Deck. Whatever we call it, the time spent there is magic, isn’t it?? Hope you have some lanai sitting time this weekend!!

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