So…What Did You Get for Christmas?

Well, this post is either going to be light-hearted, perhaps even fun…or it is going to be totally awkward and/or embarrassing.  But, I am willing to take the risk.  I’m talking about politics, vaccines, religion, or finances (although I am happy to share my opinion about any of it, if you were to ask…lol!!) No, I’m talking Christmas presents.  My presents, to be more specific.  (Feel free to duck out now if you are not at all interested.) There were a couple of reasons that had me thinking about this post.  The first was the response I received several times, just after the holiday, when I asked friends what they received for Christmas.  A lot of blank stares and almost surprise.  As in, how could I go there?  I began to wonder if I truly had asked something “politically incorrect” but…no, I don’t think so.  Perhaps adults just are not used to being asked the question.  Then the (admittedly small but still there) rebel side of me thought “well then, I will just share my own!”

Thankfully, I laid that idea, or rather that attitude, to rest and decided to just let it go.  But then my friend Maria shared a post with some of her gifts. Her reason?  Because she wanted to remember them!  I thought that was brilliant and the wheels started turning again.  So, I asked my husband what he received for Christmas (as in just three weeks ago…not Christmas of 2012).  He had think.  Pause.  And think some more.  Apparently, at our age, one quickly forgets even the most incredibly fun and thoughful gifts.  We just do.  Needing all the memory help I can get, I reconsidered the idea of this post.

And, honestly, I just thought it would be fun!  So, here we are….chatting about a few of my Christmas gifts for 2023.  I am going to try and include photos as well but I must say taking said photos was not easy.  At least, not easy for me.  I am trying to work on my picture taking but I am barely at a Kindergarten level.  (Interesting side story.  Last week, in Junior Church, one of the five year olds asked to borrow a phone so he could take a picture of his craft.  He snapped the cutest photo.  Did I mention he is five??  Oh my.)  Moving on with a look at a few of my Christmas treasures from 2023.

the one that so surprised me – this new perfume from my son.  Even the bottle is cute:)  As most men do, he typically sticks to the list.  But this year, he did all his shopping with his girlfriend (wink) and really knocked it out of the park.  For everyone.  I know his girlfriend was a huge help, but he really enjoyed looking for specific gifts for everyone.  And he found ones that not only were a surprise but were very much enjoyed by each recipient.  I have never had this perfume but, oh my, am I enjoying it.  It might become my new signature scent.  (Might…)  Do you have a signature scent?  Do you even know what I’m talking about?:)  Any guesses as to what mine is??


the one already proving to be so useful – my new airfryer.  This one was not a complete surprise.  I had mentioned several things to my husband but was not sure which one he had chosen.  I rather casually mentioned a larger airfryer would be nice but did not give him specifics, etc.  But he really chose well. This one is perfect for me.  It does more than I would have imagined (I have always been curious about dehydrating) and is the perfect size for my counter.  I am super picky about appliances on my counter (my family knows this well!) and this one is large but not too obnoxious.  I use it often and plan to use it even more often.  If you have an airfryer, what do you use it for most often??  Just curious.  By the way, how on earth does one take a photo of their airfryer??


the one I gifted to myself – Peppermint JoeJoe’s from Trader Joes.  Oh my heart but I love these cookies!  I really want to go sugar free.  I had planned to ditch the sugar in January but I refuse to do so until these cookies are gone.  I do not waste food but I would NEVER waste a Peppermint JoeJoe!!  I have enjoyed one cookie a day since Christmas and will continue to do so until they are (oh so sadly) gone.  Ah, and the reason they were “gifted” to me?  I bought them for the family (obviously) and no one else likes them.  Are you kidding me??  Can I really be related to these folks?


the one I got just a little too excited about –  a set of car hook thingys!!  (This photo was impossible!!)  My daughter gifted me several things from my wish list.  Some pretty pillow covers.  Makeup and other beauty items.  Other practical but exactly what I needed things.  But the icing on the cake for me was these hooks that you hang on your car headrest and are used to hang your purse, your Bible bag, grocery bag or whatever you want to keep off the floor…and within reach.  They are genius.  I got super excited when I opened them.  As in, super excited!  You know…the little things:)  I have never been to a Favorite Things party but if I ever went….this would be the item I would share.  Hands down.  Have you ever been to one of those parties??


the one that made my heart smile – this kitchen “ornament” (that says YUM) was from a few of the children in Junior Church.  They are just the sweetest…all of them are, truthfully, and a highlight of my week.  Also in this photo is the gnome that my husband painted at our Paint Your Pottery holiday outing.  My son’s girlfriend is very creative and artistic.  Her piece was adorable.  The rest of us are not exactly artistic but my husband always seems to do a good job at this places.  I thought this gnome was super cute and is a great reminder of a fun memory.


Well….at the risk of overstepping etiquette boundaries, I would love to one thing you received for Christmas that you are really enjoying…or that made your heart smile!:)  Do share.  And have a wonderful weekend ahead friends!!

14 thoughts on “So…What Did You Get for Christmas?

  1. So much good stuff here, where to start? I know… politics, LOL! I would love to talk to you about this subject though I know it is one that does not interest you so it is unlikely we will! I bought the peppermint cookies from TJ´s that you mentioned and like you, I was the only one who ate them. I have five left that I would love to send you (I am embarking on sugar free for now) so that they are not wasted. Your gifts all sound so thoughtful. Those car hook things really do sound neat! I will look into them. It sounds like you received many thoughtful gifts that show how loved you are- exactly what gifts should do!

  2. My dad gifted us with a new air fryer for Christmas although so far my husband has used it more than I have. He likes to make beef jerky and it has come out pretty good. All those gifts look so great. There’s nothing wrong in sharing the joy of what we received from the people who cared enough to give us gifts. 🙂

  3. Sons girlfriends are awesome, are they not? That gift of perfume just really blessed my heart. It looks as though you had a very nice Christmas, Jennifer, and I am so glad. I had two favorite things…my hubby gave me flannel sheets which I had requested and without him knowing it, one of my brothers and his girlfriend gifted me a sherpa comforter for the bed as well! Now I stay nice and cozy at night!

    1. Yes, sons’ girlfriends are pretty useful…lol! And this one is a real keeper:) I was not sure what a sherpa comforter is but I looked at one on Amazon…and, oh yes, I think that would be the coziest every night!! Great idea:)

  4. Love your gifts!!
    Let’s see…Larry surprised me with a Viking Epic 95Q sewing and quilting machine! I’m so excited to slow things down and get into it! Wanting to finish my quilt I started on my Baby Lock sewing and embroidery machine.
    The Viking is a workhorse. He also gifted me with my favorite perfume, Flower Bomb.
    I had an air fryer when they first came out…it wasn’t a very good one, I guess.
    Stay warm!

  5. Hi Jennifer~ I loved seeing your gifts! I did get gifts that I just adore. In the past we have decided to not give gifts to each other… but we always do it anyway! My husband gave me a new Bosch mixer and I love it! He loves the bread I make with it. I gave my old Kitchenaid to my granddaughter-in-law and she loved it soooo much, so it was a win, win for all of us! What it your signature scent?! Mine is, Amazing Grace by Philosophy, I love it, and always have a backup. Have a blessed Sunday! Hugs, Barb

    1. Your new mixer really does sound like the gift that kept on giving. Well, keeps on giving with all the yummy bread and treats you can make!! I LOVE Amazing Grace perfume too!

  6. These are the sweetest gifts! Thoughtful too. I always enjoy reading your posts Jennifer, along with these pretty photos. They give the feeling of warmth and coziness. A wonderful read too. Thank you and Happy New Year, in case I haven’t wished you it already 🙂

  7. I didn’t receive much for Christmas this year; my husband and I gifted each other our cruise trip and my side of the family went with a Yankee swap game instead of traditional gift giving. My boys did pick out some cute books, some art supplies, and a cozy sweatshirt for me that I’m really enjoying…. though I haven’t actually broken out any of the art supplies yet.

  8. Well, this is the first year I didn’t buy all the gifts for myself, my family actually did gift me some things from my list (I might have made one for them, and fussed at them because they always say they don’t know what to get me, and I am the EASIEST person in the world to shop for, LOL). The people I work for at my nanny job got me my coffee, a cute coffee mug, and a gift card to Target (that I bought a heated blanket with!). My son got me some books from my Amazon wishlist, my daughter got me a candle, and my husband got me a crochet bowl. These are my other bookish items that I blogged about:

    1. P.S. I had caught a FABULOUS Kohls sale and bought me and my husband a new Keurig/Coffee pot combo and some new pots and pans. Our Keurig went out 2 days before Christmas, I was So thankful I had caught that sale!!

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