So I am assured that the blizzard is on its way…so far today, the snow has been anything but impressive. So, no snowman – at least, not yet. We did get out – before we get “stuck in” – and found some fun bargains for the house and, so, I have to appreciate the snow for that:)

Since I have no snowmen pictures, I thought I would join Mama Hen for her super cute Valentine meme. So, here goes:

1. Describe your valentine in five words or less:
dependable, faithful, steadfast, handsome and “old-school”:)

2. Best valentine present you ever received? I really have got nothin’ here (we don’t usually give gifts) but I’m going with the stuffed bumble bee?!??!

3. Worst valentine present you ever received? a card

4. Your favorite valentine candy? dark chocolate – hands down!!

5. Would you rather receive chocolate or flowers? Flowers

6. A dress-up candlelight dinner out or a movie snuggling at home? Dinner out – especially the dress-up and candlelight kind!

7. Your favorite romantic movie? Shall We Dance (I think, maybe, in another life I was a ballroom dancer:) )

8. Your favorite romantic song? I have no idea. Pathetic, I know. But my valentine, honestly, is not a music appreciator and romantic songs??? I don’t know.

What about your valentine – why not join in the fun? I think some of the questions were hard:)

3 Replies to “Some Valentine Fun”

  1. Hey Jen! I'll have to think about those and then fill it out on Valentines day! The "favorite song" is a hard one for me too. Not really sure at all!

    I am still trying to decide what to do on Valentines day for Bob. I think I might make a really yummy meal since it's after church. At MOPS the other day, a woman made an entire Valentines meal and it was so great! She brought it in so we could all try it and WOW! Yummy! She also brought the recipes with her. The salad was a caprese salad (Bob and I's favorite and what we special ordered every night on the cruises) and then the main course was stuffed shells. These were to die for! I might just make those and then keep them in the frig until we come home. Then I can throw them in to cook!

    I wanted to also get a romantic comedy movie but I'm sure everyone else in their brother will do that so I'll have to nab one soon! You and dad should go see, "When in Rome." It was SO CUTE! And if you can't go many places, the movie theater is the place to be when it's yucky out! That's Bob and I's philosophy on Saturday nights when it's icky out and we have date night.

    Okey dokey, gonna run. What are you making for Sunday Valentines lunch/dinner?


  2. That looked fun but as I was going through your questions I kept thinking…"I don't know, I don't know"….though I am with you on the candy one, haha…Have a wonderful week-end. It has been just pouring here ALL night long. Lightening and thunder too…soo un California. Hugs, Debbie

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