The Start of a New Year

Why I found this New Years graphic too cute, I have no idea! Maybe it reminds me of those crazy noise makers that (fortunately) we did not use this year. We had a quiet – almost too quiet – New Year’s Eve this year. When the children were growing up, we always brought the new year in with friends, food and quite a bit of noise. Each Januray 1st, we start off saying “we’re not doing that again” – but we always did. This year, well, I don’t think we thought it through enough and we really had nothing of a plan when it came down to it. Definitely something we will have to work on for next time.
We have spent a nice day at home working around the house. Hubbie and I are so enjoying our new home. Yes, 2009 did come with several difficult days (especially there at the end) but there were also many, many blessings – and this new home is certainly one of them. We have yet to do any entertaining but I am certainly looking forward to welcoming many friends and visitors during the upcoming months. Certainly wish many of my blogging friends could stop by for a cup of coffee or tea! Funny thing about the friends I’ve made here on my blog….yesterday, I thought I was all goofy for buying a bathing suit in December – oh no, so many comments about what a great idea it was to start early (apparently I’m not the only one who finds this a chore)…who knew?? You guys are the best encouragers!
I have been working on my goals for this new year – have you?? Most of mine are personal goals but one idea I did come across on a blog was choosing a “word” for this next year. Claiming it. Embracing it. Challenging myself with it. And letting it affect my new year. I liked that idea – and I have chosen the word JOY. Real abiding JOY that is mine no matter what a day may bring, what the circumstances of life might be or the emotions I might feel. JOY that comes from within and is possible because Christ lives within me. I’ll admit, I struggle in this area and, more often than I’d like to admit, my emotions overwhelm me. So, this year – I’m claiming JOY!!

7 thoughts on “The Start of a New Year

  1. Happy New Year to you! I love that you picked JOY as your word. Several weeks ago a gentleman at our church did a devotional on Joy and in it he taked about he and his wive's loss of a baby boy at 17 weeks pregnant and what a joy it was to see the baby and how perfectly made he was and to know that his son was in heaven waiting for them. It has made me think of JOY in a different perspective. I look forward to reading your blog and being encouraged by your words as we start this new year.

  2. you go girl! you claim JOY! just make sure you leave some for us πŸ™‚
    oh and i saw the swimsuits at Target today but I was in a hurry and couldn't browse. Nathan and Ella were hot on my heals to the check out lines, lol.

  3. Jennifer~
    What a wonderful way to start the New Year by choosing a word! You could not have picked a better one! Joy! I hope your year is filled with it!
    Joyful Blessings, friend!

  4. Morning Jenn,
    Good for you girlie!! That was my word for last year, and I found continually counting my blessings
    really helps with that. I find their are certain situations that really can cause me to lose my joy quicker than anything, but I decided a few years back that I was done with that, so now I just promptly turn them over to the Lord, and say help me let them go Lord, they are your problem not mine! And I have found that I have had a lot more joy the last few years because of it.
    And then the bathing suit thing,
    I read it to my hubby and we laughed cause just the day before we were in Target cause I had to return a sweat jacket he had bought me for Christmas that was too small, and I decided to look for some sweat pants instead and while I was looking right there in the middle of all the winter stuff was lo and behold bathing suits,
    and I saw this adorable black floral print one, and was tempted to try it on but it turned out to be a maternity bathing suit, did not look like one at all I might add, so didn't try it on. Hey, if you can find a bathing suit you are happy with in Jan. I am all for it, cause by the time warm weather gets here, even if you can find one, the prices are ridiculous. I must say buying a bathing suit is a dreaded shopping trip!! lol
    Last year I started early May cause we were going to a Condo in June, Penneys had such great prices and I actually wound up with two, that is a rarity for me
    and usually it is a much dreaded shopping experience!! lol
    Want you to know I really enjoy your blog and you are quite an encourager yourself, course, it takes one to know one, Nanny nanny boo boo!! lol
    I hope you experience extreme Joy,
    and it just overflows onto all of us.
    Blessings Joyful Sweetie,

    and they had great prices.

  5. We too use to celebrate New Years when our kids were here with food, laughter and LOTS of noise. These last couple of years it has been me and the hubby, a wonder dinner, a GREAT movie (this year it was Julie/Julia.. loved it) and sound asleep by 10:30, haha. I came across that blog too (don't remember now where though) about claiming a word. I LOVED it. What a greart idea. I too would chose joy. It just makes such a difference in EVERYTHING. No matter what this next year might bring, (and I am afriad there are some BIG changes coming for us over here) I will "chose" to be joyful and fill my heart and spirt with Him. May your New Year be truly blessed, Debbie

  6. Hi Jen! Ya know what's funny is that the woman's retreat I went on with the ladies from my church (this past summmer) was called, "Finding Joy." Kinda neat, right?

    For me, my word would be, "Peace" or "Finding peace." I have a hard time with that it seems. Anyways, I don't even know how I would go about doing that but that's another discussion πŸ™‚

    New Years was REALLY quiet for Bob and I too. We sat at home and watched a movie (after coming home from the movies), watched the ball drop on the tv and went to bed. Nothing exciting but that's okay cause Riley was still up at 6 and me too with circles under my eyes!

    Love ya! See you SOOOOON!

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