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So..I changed the title for yesterday’s post…where in the world did I come up with “Name Game”??? Anyways, it was the Letter Game and I had fun with it. Donna, your letter is “S”…have fun with yours!!

For today’s post, I wanted to share a video I saw yesterday on April’s post. It was one of the best I have watched in quite awhile. Only one small problem…I am technology challenged – in a serious way. Normally, this does not really bother me. I have accepted it. But, I really wanted to load this video here so you could view…….so, PLEASE click here to get over to April’s blog and watch Steven Curtis Chapman.

Chapman, himself, is a grieving parent – facing those first holidays without his little girl. His faith is very encouraging…but I was so struck by one of his comments. As parents, we are often tortured by the “Why, Lord, Why?” questions…and when we are not able to resolve those questions, we often feel confused, angry or faithless. But we are not able to understand all of God’s ways. In fact, not having all the answers actually makes us more dependent on Him and can strengthen our faith. Even without all the answers, I am confident God, indeed, feels our grief and even weeps with us.

Thank you, April, for sharing this video. If you are grieving, or know someone who is this holiday…may this video bless you like it did me.

3 thoughts on “Steven Curtis Chapman

  1. So glad the video touched your heart, just as it did mine. The faith of SCC and his family is so inspiring. Being a Christian doesn’t mean you’ll never encounter trials and tribulations. It does mean, however, that God will be with you every step of the way. Had it not been for HIM, I don’t think I could have survived all my losses.

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