Summer is Hot – and Lazy:)

Friday with Friends note: This week – are you a “beach person” or a “mountain person”?? I know you can love them both but which one really grabs your heart? Tell us about it. I’m looking forward to it!

My Simple Woman’s Daybook for Monday, July 29, 2010

Outside my window….it is sunny and the beginning of another hot, summer day. Hubbie often told me as I was whining my way through winter that I would soon complain about summer – never! – so I’m doing my best to love these consecutive days of hazy, hot and humid! And no complaining:)

I am thinking….about our latest project – an organizational one! My favorite kind…and I am looking forward to putting all of our storage boxes (and STUFF) in some type of order in the basement. The shelves are in mid-construction. Hopefully, they will be finished tonight!

I am thankful for….Christian friends. I love the times we get together – to talk, and eat, and chat, and eat, and share, and eat……..:)

I am wearing….work-out clothes. No, I have not worked out – but its a step in the right direction.

I am remembering….driving through the California desert…ugh. It was definitely the longest part of our trip. Summer in Virginia isn’t so bad after all!

I am going….househunting with a friend! Not for me – hopefully, for her! I love househunting.

I am reading….magazines. I guess it can be considered “lazy” reading – but that’s what summer is for, right?

I am hoping…to hear from Jordan soon – and that he is doing well during his pre-deployment training. Can you believe they would cut him off from his mama?? But, no calls or texts. Sure hope everything is still all set for him to be coming home soon (maybe next week!!) 🙂

On my mind….planning four different ladies’ events. I enjoy all of them but dates and details are starting to all run together in my head. This ole brain definitely cannot sort and store like it used to??

From the kitchen….actually have three or four new recipes lined up to try this week. Let’s hope they are winners – dinners have been pretty boring around here lately.

Around the house…dust. AGAIN.

Plans for the week….lazy day, summer plans. I love the carefree schedule of summer!

One of my favorite things…..Sunday morning Starbucks’ runs on the way to church. Is it just a little sad that the “barista” starts Hubbie’s “usual” when we walk in the door and can have it just about done before we finish ordering and paying? Someone goes there way too much!! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Summer is Hot – and Lazy:)

  1. wow someone really likes coffee!! 🙂
    I love the lazy days of summer. I just haven't felt it this summer too much due to my filling the schedule with things!! I will have to work on that one.
    Now about the topic on Friday, it is a good thing you are giving the idea today….I will have to do some real soul searching to join in with that one! THat IS a hard choice!! 🙂

  2. Luv your list! Quite a few of your items are tracking along with mine….except for the work-out clothes…..I'm still in my nighty – up at 3:30 a.m. with a broken water pipe and a little blurry eyed this a.m…..uh, a starbucks, carmel lattee sounds good right about now!!lol!

    Have a blessed week! Oh, and I luv househunting too….have fun!!

    Sweet Blessings!

  3. PS….I thought I might add that I'm three hours behind you so it's still morning here!……..Sounded kinda strange (and lazy) for me to still be in my pj's on east coast time!….LOL!!

  4. Goodness, you sound like you have a very full plate. I *should* be working in my basement–hope you make more progress than I do 🙂

    Hope those ladies' events get all planned out–that sounds like fun!

    Hope you had a good Monday!

  5. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement about the passing of my dad. My son worked at Chic-fil-a while in high school. There was a man who came every day for lunch and ordered the same thing every day. When they saw him coming in the door, they would start making his order. Something to be said for being consistent!

  6. Oh how I enjoyed reading your list Jennifer. I need a GOOD organizer project over here. We "SOMEHOW" have to get a giant stuffed to the brim garage to fit into a small little shed that doesn't even exist yet, haha…actually I could cry…sooo much sorting and getting rid of and organizing and rearranging to do. And it is HOT…but I am soo glad to have my house done and pulled together it really doesn't seem too bad. Have a wonderful week. HUGS, Debbie

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