No Need for a Fleece

I recently read these lines in a devotion:  “Some people look for problems.  They find a problem with every solution instead of the other way around.”  I know so many people just like that.  Whatever situation, problem or struggle they might be facing or trying to resolve, they have three problems with every possible solution… Read More No Need for a Fleece


“Make Thee An Ark….”

Several months ago, we “cut the cord.” Or, we canceled our cable.  And we haven’t missed it one minute…well, except for HomeTown.  Have you watched HomeTown?  Absolutely one of our favorite shows and we had to manage a way to watch the current series without our cable subscription.  If you are not familiar with it,… Read More “Make Thee An Ark….”

Five Minute Friday

Where Do You Live?

We were gathered around the table for another afternoon of UNO.  Certainly one of the highlights of my week.  Uno with my special, senior friends at the nearby assisted living complex.  Sally played cards that afternoon which was nice because it has been quite a while since she has wanted to join us.  After she… Read More Where Do You Live?


With His Stripes

Today is the last Five Minute Friday for this year.  Not only has this link-up been a wonderful challenge throughout the year – challenging my thoughts and my writing – but the other posts have been encouraging, convicting and helpful as well.  For those new to FMF, each week there is a one-word prompt and… Read More With His Stripes


Be Still My Heart

I shared this photo earlier this week on my Instagram.  It was given to me last weekend while I was visiting my 90-year old aunt.  We were looking through a stack of photos she had stuffed into an old album.  There were several of my parents, my grandparents and many of older relatives I barely… Read More Be Still My Heart


Christmas Peace

Off-balance.  Out of kilter.  Or, as one definition described it, “….in a state of confusion or chaos.” So much in our world seems to be off-balance.  Everything from politics and popular opinion to sports, entertainment and current events.  It affects our world, our communities, our churches, our homes, and our own hearts.  If we are not careful,… Read More Christmas Peace


The Value of One

I love words.  I love grammar and I love vocabulary.  And, of course, I love writing words.  I have always admired those who can use words – eloquently, humorously or any of a hundred other ways – to express themselves.  Poetry and songwriting are some of the most expressive ways to convey a thought.  An idea.  Or,… Read More The Value of One