Hooray for Friday!  I was speaking with a friend yesterday who does not live too terribly far from me and she was telling me their forecast for today included snow.  Snow.  What?!  If you’re in South Dakota – well, no problem but she only lives about 30 miles from me.  That is too close for snow!  I’m clinging to spring….even if it is a bit of a mock spring.  Weather aside, today is the 10th and it has been a while since I did a Tenth on the 10th.  So, today is the day.  And today’s topic and questions are rather easy which suits me just fine these days.  The topic?  The phone!  Gotta love it.  Let’s get started.

1- What kind of phone did you have when you were a kid?  Um, a landline.  Of course.  I am old – but not so old that we had party lines or shared lines!?  That just seems odd to me.  Our phone was on the wall….with a long cord that was always twisted and knotted.  Ha.  I still remember our phone number.  Can’t remember what I had for dinner on Tuesday but I can tell you my phone number from the early 70s!

2 – Do you remember party lines?  Apparently, I did not read ahead on these questions.  But no I do not remember those.  I remember pay phones though:)

3 – What was your first cell phone?  I, truthfully, have no idea.  I do not even remember when I bought it or why.  I was not working somewhere that required it.  I’m not sure.  I do remember our son (who was 19 at the time) left for the Air Force without a cell phone.  I never occurred to us (to him or to his dad and me) that he might need such a luxury:)  When he arrived, everyone thought he was daft.  So behind the times.  It’s funny to us now.

4 – Do you still have a landline?  Nope.  When we cut the cord with cable, well, the phone went with the package.  Definitely have not missed that at all.

5 – Do you screen your phone calls?  Um, doesn’t everyone?  That is a serious question but doesn’t the caller id appear on everyone’s cell phone….or can you opt out of that?

6 – What is the longest amount of time you have spent on the phone?  I am not a long talker.  And I don’t really enjoy talking on the phone.  Short and sweet is my motto when it comes to the phone.  Now meet me over coffee or over a bowl of chips and salsa, and I can talk to you for hours!  I suppose the answer to the question would be I don’t know.  But not too long.

7 – What is your current phone?  Samsung Galaxy.  I have shared my opinion about Apple on the blog before.  No need to rehearse it.

8 – Do you use your smart phone only as a phone?  Definitely not.  It is my GPS, and my camera (when I remember to take a photo).  It has a couple games for when I need to waste time, and of course it has the internet.  How would I live with Google at my fingertips?!?  Actually, making calls (or being a phone) is the smallest function of my phone.  I don’t think I’m alone in that!!

9 – When you were a kid, did you play telephone?  I certainly know about this game but I don’t remember playing it often.  Or at all.  Maybe never.

10 – Does your significant other (aka, my husband) have a special ringtone?  No.  Very utilitarian with the phone, I suppose.  But it does not ring terrible often (see number 8 above).  Although I do like to switch out the screensaver every once in a while.  Ok, often.  A lot.

Thanks for reading along.  Just some fun on Friday.  The whole link-up is found here.  Have a wonderful weekend, friends!!

20 Replies to “Ten on the Tenth: Can You Hear Me Now?”

  1. Fun questions! I may have to do a post on these… Regarding party lines, it must be a function of location as well as age because I’m a bit “behind” you in age but definitely had a party line growing up. This was in rural Indiana so maybe it was a redneck thing, lol. Have a great weekend!

    1. A party line…really? That is interesting. You are definitely too young for a party line:) Hope your weekend is great as well!

  2. This was fun to read. We did have a party line growing up and I do own an Apple phone, in fact I just upgraded to a new one last week. We didn’t start out with Apple, but I like that my iPad, watch and phone can all sync together. As for the party line, sometimes it could be really hard to make a call because someone else on the line was talking forever to whoever. Could be a pain.

    1. I do know a lot of folks love their iPhones. And iPads, etc.:) Fun that you were able to upgrade recently. A new phone is sorta like a new car – but without that wonderful smell!!:)

  3. Fun answers! I use my phone very little for actual phoning people as well. I also could talk for hours over coffee, but the phone should be short and sweet for convenience’s sake only. Otherwise, texting is perfect for communication! I wonder the same thing about caller id…is there a way to opt out of that? I haven’t seen an “Unknown” number come up on my cell phone in years. It always has a number now.


  4. When I was growing up we also had a wall phone with a super long cord. Good times! Yes, talking on my phone is one of the things I least use it for!

  5. Hi Jennifer~ Fun post! I could tell you some hilarious stories about party lines, but it would take a long time! But, yes, I remember them well. Isn’t it funny that no matter what, we always remember that first phone number?! I don’t have a landline and haven’t for many years. I also have a Samsung Galaxy, and I love it. Pur first cell phone was a, bag phone. It was fun to use, but, thank goodness for cell phones! I do have one daughter who loves to talk to me on the phone…like over an hour! I do have a special ring tone for me my husband, a song we both love. Hoping you are still mending well! Hugs, Barb

    1. I’m not sure I know what a bag phone is?! I’m going to have to google that one! Thanks for the kind wishes!! Glad you stopped by today, Barb!!

  6. I remember our first phone number too – my mum still has it! She’s lived in the same house for 60 years. I’ve never had anything Apple either.

  7. I still remember my phone number and both my grandmother’s phone numbers too! I feel like I use my phone for talking the least out of all the other possible functions too. Though I just learned how to change the background at Christmas when my boys and niece talked me through it.

  8. What a fun post! I had a landline and remember stretching that cord to another room when talking to a boyfriend! I also had a party line when I was quite young.
    I had a Samsung galaxy as well and it works for me!

  9. Oh, we had that same phone in our house before we moved in 2015! That twisted tangled phone cord drove me crazy! I would pick up the receiver and turn and turn trying to untwist it…never worked though! Now, question 5 was more (in my head at least) about do you answer every call if you don’t know the number. See, I’ve still got to hone my creating questions skills! I’m so glad you’re participating this month! I hope you do next month, too!


  10. My mom always told us about the party lines. I could not imagine!!!! I also had a wall phone. It was yellow and hanging in the kitchen. I can still feel how it felt when I wrapped the cord around my fingers.

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