Ten on the Tenth – Holiday Edition

Today being the 10th, I thought it the perfect time to answer a few questions – and join my friend, Leslie, with her Ten on the Tenth.  Don’t count the questions, though, as I will probably combine a few and may (or may not) leave out one or two, but (hopefully), she will still let me play along.  Just a few fun, and random, thoughts about the holidays.

How do you decorate for the winter?  Do you use traditional colors and/or have a theme for your decorating?  I will probably lose a few friends here…but I most enjoy decorating for fall.  I could really be happy if my home were decorated with all my fall things and in the fall colors all year long.  Well, almost.  I’m sure I would tire of it eventually.  But, truthfully, I enjoy my home decorated for Christmas and winter – but I usually feel a bit underwhelmed.  I am enjoying how things look this year more than I have in quite a while.  I mentioned that I purged quite a bit as I was putting things away last year, so now we just have our favorites.  And I must admit, I really enjoy the twinkle lights.  I have little lights tucked in just about anywhere I can make it fit.  I also really toned down the gold.  Dark green, little bits of dark red, and my other earth tones complement my home so much more.

Share a favorite holiday tradition or recipe.  Do you plan to try anything new this year?  Do you have a favorite Christmas book, movie, story or song?  This one makes me sigh.  As a family, we always enjoyed a local Pops Festival Orchestra and their Christmas concert.  As well, we have tried to see a live performance of A Christmas Carol (a favorite story) each year.  We have seen some amazing performances.  There are so many wonderful venues in this area but the original at Ford’s Theater downtown is rather hard to beat.  And, with my brother, we also take in a live performance each year as our gift to each other. We have seen everything from The Russian Ballet’s Nutcracker to Elf (definitely my favorite movie!!) at the Kennedy Center.  Such great memories.  But, of course, all that come to an end last year.  And this year does not look promising either.  So disappointing.  We will definitely have to try something new but surely we can get back on track next year!!

Do you wear anything special over the holidays?  Do you dress up for New Year’s Eve?  Definitely a no for New Year’s Eve.  I rarely ring in the new year (don’t judge).  For Christmas, I bought us all matching pj tops/tees for the first time this year.  They aren’t the cutest ones – or the ones that I really wanted – but I think it will be fun.  Just the tees, though.  Matching pajamas would probably be a bridge too far for several in my family!!  Just sayin.

How do feel about snow?  Um, snow is not my thing.  I used to say I hated snow but that just sounds negative.  But if I ever lived where there was not a flake of snow, I could be totally okay with that!  Any chance you will see a white Christmas?  There is always the chance but it hasn’t happened for several years.  Let’s not jinx it.  Do you enjoy any snow day activities?  Um, no.  Not one.

Do you buy gifts for the postman, your hairdresser, teachers, etc?  When do you open your gifts?  Who is the hardest person you buy for?  When the kids were little, we certainly bought gifts for their teachers.  Teacher gifts are fun to purchase – and easy:)  Those other “extra” folks?  Sadly, I do not, but I really think it would be nice.  I do remember my neighbors; however, I usually make something rather than buy something for them.  We open all of our gifts on Christmas morning (no opening presents on Christmas Eve!) And the hardest person to buy for – by far – is my husband.

If you could give an “impossible” gift to someone (something intangible or something way beyond your price range) what would it be?  It would thrill me to purchase each of our children their own home.  A condo.  A townhouse. A cute cabin.  Or even a tiny home.  They both have very different tastes.  But I would love for them to get out of paying rent….and to actually put down some roots.

As we bid farewell to 2021, what was your biggest success this year?  Will you be making goals or plans for 2022?  Describe 2021 in three words.  The past twelve months have not been the most exciting of months.  Quite the opposite. My husband retired and there were a couple of other “major” life changes – all of which I seemed to handle with more flexibility (and grace) than I would have imagined.  I consider that a success, but being able to cancel our mortgage – becoming totally debt-free – has to be the year’s best success.  And our hugest blessing!  We are very grateful.  Our biggest plan for next year is a trip to Alaska.  Obviously, we want to visit our son but it will also be so exciting to visit such a beautiful and unique state – so very different from my own!  Um, we have planned that trip for July:)  And, for me, 2021 has been: monotonous, worrisome (or frustrating, I couldn’t decide), and aging.  Heavy sigh.

Name three things you wish for in 2022.  Several things come immediately to mind.  There are things I wish for…yes, that I regularly pray about.  Things for our country and for society/people, in general.  Things for my church and things for my family – especially my children.  For different reasons, this is not the place to mention most of those.  But, in a general sense, I hope 2022 is a year for healing (physical and more) and for restoration.  Personally, I pray for boldness, recognizable spiritual growth, and for a fresh attitude in 2022.

8 thoughts on “Ten on the Tenth – Holiday Edition

  1. I enjoyed this post so much and can echo a lot of things that you wish/pray for in 2022. Especially the healing part. 2021 has been frustrating for me in the health department, and I am tired of not feeling great and want to get back to being my normal busy self. One thing at a time. God knows best. I love fall decor also and enjoyed it so much this year, but actually after it being up for about three months (Sept-Nov) I was definitely ready for change and am now enjoying Christmas decorations. It’s too bad they will only be up for 1 month, but by the first week of January I am ready to get them put away and clean house. Then comes February/Valentine’s Day…which isn’t as big a deal but still fun. I hope you have a wonderful, Merry, Happy Christmas and New Year.

  2. This was an interesting post, and I really hope you get to do that trip next year. I think it takes a little while to get your head around being retired and I hope that as we turn the page from 2021 to 2022 things feel a little more ‘normal’.
    It feels as if we are going back in time here in the UK, things had been looking more positive and restrictions were being lowered after vaccination rates were so good but now we seem to be being overtaken by this new variant and there is just a feeling of ‘deja vu’ about things. That’s why I am not assuming that normal life is just around the corner again. I shall continue to do only what I feel is safe for my family and friends and just hope that we don’t end up in lockdown – again.
    I love the idea of snow, you know, the kind you see on the films where everywhere looks pretty and everyone is out having fun, but the reality is that we don’t seem to cope well with snow over here! Our roads get iced up and it’s difficult to get out and about as they don’t get cleared, we only get grit put down in the evenings to help it melt, our trains don’t deal with iced up tracks, and I don’t really like being cold 😉 We don’t often get a white Christmas, if we do get snow it seems to arrive in the new year.
    Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and a healthy and happy new year x

  3. Great answers. I think we all find our own way to do things and what works for us. I’m not much for celebrating NY Eve either…I’m usually too tired, but if invited I would try to go.

  4. Oh that trip to Alaska sounds fabulous! We never celebrate New Year’s eve either. My favorite part of the holiday decorations are the twinkle lights and I am putting up more of them intentionally.

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